Best Canadian Cookie Brands

The best Canadian cookie brands include Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, Purdy’s Chocolatier, and MadeGood.

Cookie brands craft delightful baked goodies designed to suit different tastes and preferences. They make everything from classic chocolate chip cookies to inventive flavour combinations. These brands offer a wide selection of cookies that draw many people’s attention. They use high-quality ingredients and accurate baking methods to make delicious cookies with the ideal texture and flavour.

Their dedication to a remarkable taste experience makes cookie brands so enticing. Known for their tastiness, these brands often emphasize using top-notch ingredients, ensuring each bite is a burst of flavour. Be it the ideal level of sweetness, chocolate richness, or the freshness of nuts, these cookies are crafted to please your taste buds. They create a memorable experience. Many cookie brands also cater to different dietary preferences by providing gluten-free, vegan, or organic options, reaching out to more people.

The finest cookies should have an excellent combination of key features. They should taste delicious and have a pleasing texture, like a chewy middle with crunchy edges or a wonderfully crumbly feel. High-quality ingredients, careful craftsmanship, and devotion to freshness contribute to top cookie brands’ overall excellence. Offering diverse and innovative choices and meeting dietary requirements ensures these brands stand out.

Here is a list of leading Canadian cookie brands!

What makes the top cookie brand?

Cookie brands should combine flavour and texture into its products.

We’re evaluating the top cookie brands in Canada using four key factors:


Various high-quality and well-rounded flavours allow customers to find cookies that match their preferences. Be it the ever-popular chocolate chip or an inventive mix of ingredients, excellent and delightful flavours set the most popular cookie brands apart, enticing consumers.


Using premium chocolate, fresh nuts, and other top-grade components enhances cookie excellence. Consumers who appreciate ingredient sourcing clarity value brands emphasizing freshness and high-quality elements. This commitment improves the taste and fosters trust between the brand and the consumer, guaranteeing consistently enjoyable products.


As health awareness grows, top cookie brands must provide transparent nutritional information. Customers now look for treats that fit their dietary goals, such as managing calorie intake, cutting down on sugar, or removing allergens. By offering transparent and easily accessible nutritional information, consumers can make informed decisions.


Whether consumers enjoy a soft, chewy middle or a crisp and crunchy mouthful, texture plays a significant role in the overall sensory experience of eating cookies. Striking an ideal balance in texture demonstrates the brand’s dedication to artistry, delivering a fulfilling and delightful experience with each bite.

List of best Canadian cookie brands

  1. Mary Macleod’s Shortbread
  2. Purdy’s Chocolatier
  3. Sweet Flour Bake Shop
  4. Dare Foods Limited
  5. Evelyn’s Crackers
  6. Whippet
  7. MadeGood
  8. Voortman Cookies
  9. Kinnikinnick Foods
  10. Cookies By George
  11. Wildly Delicious Fine Foods
  12. Le Moulin de Provence
  13. Sweets from the Earth
  14. Cookie Scoop
  15. Butter Avenue

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread





Mary Macleod's Shortbread is a cookie brand in Canada.

Mary Macleod’s Shortbread, a prestigious Canadian cookie brand, has deep roots in Toronto’s heart. Born from a passion for exceptional baked goods, this company has been a shining example of culinary mastery for many years. Mary Macleod started this delicious journey in Toronto to create the ultimate shortbread cookie.

These days, Mary Macleod’s Shortbread represents the finest buttery treats, holding onto the magic of custom and skill in each delicious morsel. This brand has become synonymous with indulgent cookies by sticking to quality standards and classic recipes.

The company nails the art of shortbread, creating a treat that amazes with its tender texture and superior richness. Using top-notch ingredients and a careful baking approach results in a cookie that embraces buttery goodness. Famous for its classic charm, Mary Macleod’s Shortbread pleases cookie lovers with high standards.

Purdy’s Chocolatier

Purdy's Chocolatier is a cookie brand in Canada.

Purdy’s Chocolatier, a well-known Canadian cookie brand, has deep roots in Vancouver. With a dedication to making top-quality treats, this brand has become a symbol of excellence in sweet temptations. Purdy’s Chocolatier has refined its chocolate-making skills for over a hundred years, ensuring each product embodies true artistry.

When we talk about Purdy’s Chocolatier, we recognize its outstanding artisanal cookies. The brand’s commitment to handmade cookies is evident in every tasty bite. Carefully selected from top-quality ingredients and with a sharp focus on details, Purdy’s Chocolatier’s artisanal cookies represent an ideal balance of textures and flavours. The dedication to artistry means each cookie is an edible masterpiece, taking the cookie-eating experience to the next level.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is a cookie brand in Canada.

Sweet Flour Bake Shop is a well-known Canadian cookie brand in Toronto, offering customizable experiences. Founded with a dedication to personalization, the bake shop has won the hearts of cookie lovers who want tailor-made treats. Located in Toronto, Sweet Flour Bake Shop creates memorable moments for customers by allowing them to design personalized cookies.

The brand’s commitment to customization is evident in every cookie they make. They use ingredients from the best Canadian flour brands. Customers can select their dough, mix-ins, and toppings, creating their cookie that caters to their tastes. These personalized cookies from Sweet Flour Bake Shop provide a delicious snack.

Dare Foods Limited

Dare Foods Limited is a cookie brand in Canada.

Dare Foods Limited, a well-known Canadian cookie company, has a deep and lasting history filled with tradition and strong ties to Kitchener. For over 100 years, Dare Foods Limited has represented quality and dedication to age-old recipes. The company started with enthusiasm for baking traditional goodies, and today it symbolizes Canadian culinary expertise’s long-lasting legacy. Kitchener is the setting for this celebrated brand.

The brand’s devotion to tradition can be seen in every carefully made cookie. From timeless shortbread to distinctive maple leaf-shaped goodies, Dare Foods Limited’s classic cookies bring the spirit of reliable recipes. Based on genuine flavours and baked with accuracy, these cookies provide a heartwarming and familiar experience for people who enjoy them.

Evelyn’s Crackers

Evelyn's Crackers is a cookie brand in Canada.

Evelyn’s Crackers is a notable Canadian cookie company based in Toronto. It started with a love for artisan craftsmanship and has become well-known for producing exceptional baked goods. Inspired by traditional baking methods and local, top-quality ingredients, this Toronto brand has carved out a distinct spot in the culinary world.

By combining traditional methods with modern touches, Evelyn’s Crackers has become a respected name in Canadian artisanal cookie brands. The brand’s dedication to artisan craftsmanship shines through its careful choice of ingredients and thorough baking process. Evelyn’s Crackers’ cookies exhibit an ideal blend of flavour and texture, reflecting time-honoured baking techniques. From classic recipes to inventive flavour combinations, every cookie attests to the brand’s commitment to crafting a delightful and elevated cookie-eating experience.


Whippet is a cookie brand in Canada.

Whippet, a popular Canadian cookie brand from Montreal, delights cookie lovers with its rich and tasty history. Whippet is famous for its iconic marshmallow-filled and chocolate-covered cookies. The brand began with a dedication to making outstanding treats and has become a symbol of pleasure and nostalgia. Whippet’s Montreal roots bring elegance to its products, making it a favourite cookie brand throughout Canada.

The Whippet cookie, the brand’s signature creation, combines smooth chocolate, soft marshmallow, and an ideally balanced cookie base. Each bite offers a blend of textures and tastes, demonstrating Whippet’s pledge to excellence and innovation. These marshmallow-filled cookies have become a classic Canadian delight, winning over the hearts and taste buds of people nationwide.


MadeGood is a cookie brand in Canada.

MadeGood, a respected Canadian cookie brand from Toronto, has transformed the cookie scene with a focus on healthy and natural options. Born in Toronto, MadeGood has become a leader in organic, allergy-friendly treats. The company aims to make delicious snacks that benefit consumers and the planet.

MadeGood’s organic cookies are made with carefully chosen high-quality ingredients, ensuring every treat is delicious and supports a healthy lifestyle. MadeGood’s organic cookies stand out for their top-notch quality and focus on a nutritious snacking experience from the decadent chocolate chips to the ideal texture balance. As a trailblazer in organic cookies, MadeGood expertly combines flavour and nutrition.

Voortman Cookies

Voortman Cookies is a cookie brand in Canada.

Voortman Cookies, a well-known Canadian cookie brand from Burlington, Ontario, carries a long-standing tradition of making delightful classic cookies. Born in Burlington, Voortman Cookies has been linked to traditional cookie-making for many years. The company started with a mission to produce high-quality, timeless cookies and has grown into a treasured part of Canadian snack culture.

The brand’s devotion to creating these treats shows in the careful choice of ingredients and baking methods. Voortman’s classic cookies capture the spirit of old-fashioned recipes, giving cookie lovers a warm and familiar experience. Each mouthful celebrates the brand’s commitment to traditional cookie flavours, from famous wafers to chocolate chip cookies.

Kinnikinnick Foods

Kinnikinnick Foods is a cookie brand in Canada.

Kinnikinnick Foods leads the way in gluten-free treats. Born in Edmonton, Kinnikinnick Foods is at the forefront of developing gluten-free products like delightful cookies. The company started with a dedication to making tasty options for those with food restrictions and has grown into a reliable brand in the gluten-free market.

Kinnikinnick Foods is now a preferred option for folks searching for gluten-free foods. Its gluten-free cookies satisfy the dietary demands of people with dietary sensitivities but also provide excellent taste and texture. From the soft delight of chocolate chip cookies to the gentle crispiness of shortbread, every gluten-free cookie showcases the brand’s dedication to a tasty and wholesome snack experience.

Cookies By George

Cookies By George is a cookie brand in Canada.

Cookies By George is a beloved Canadian cookie company based in Edmonton, Alberta. With a passion for making large, soft cookies, the brand has become essential to Canada’s cookie scene. Established in Edmonton, it is dedicated to fresh and high-quality homemade cookies. Over the years, Cookies By George has expanded from a small Edmonton store to a well-known and cherished brand famous for its delicious treats, offering comfort and indulgence.

The appeal of Cookies By George lies in its large, soft cookies. Each bite reveals the brand’s commitment to these special treats. Standing out with their size and softness, the cookies offer an exclusive texture that differentiates them from others. Every treat reflects the brand’s devotion to an indulgent and fulfilling cookie experience, from timeless chocolate chip cookies to creative flavour mixes.

Wildly Delicious Fine Foods

Wildly Delicious Fine Foods is a cookie brand in Canada.

Wildly Delicious Fine Foods is well-known for its exceptional culinary creations and delicious gourmet products. Established in Toronto, the company has become a symbol of innovation and high quality in fine food. Born from a passion for crafting top-notch gourmet dishes, Wildly Delicious Fine Foods is recognized for its commitment to enhancing the dining experience.

Celebrate Wildly Delicious Fine Foods by enjoying their stellar gourmet cookies. The brand’s commitment to gourmet delights is transparent in its careful choice of ingredients and beautiful cookie presentation. Wildly Delicious Fine Foods cookies blend taste and texture, embodying luxury and elegance. Most of all, they complement the best Canada milk brands.

Le Moulin de Provence

Le Moulin de Provence is a cookie brand in Canada.

Le Moulin de Provence, a notable Canadian bakery in Ottawa, has created a special place in the baked goods world with their delightful assortment of French-inspired treats. Located in Ottawa, Le Moulin de Provence adds French culinary elegance to the city. The bakery started its journey by focusing on delivering an authentic taste of Provence in every bite.

Le Moulin de Provence has skillfully introduced French baking to Ottawa. The brand’s passion for making these delicious goodies is evident in its meticulous ingredient selection and expertise in traditional French baking methods. Le Moulin de Provence French-inspired cookies offer an exquisite blend of textures and tastes, embodying expert baking. Each cookie represents the bakery’s dedication to authentic and enjoyable Provence taste, from rich madeleines to tender macarons.

Sweets from the Earth

Sweets from the Earth is a cookie brand in Canada.

Sweets from the Earth, a well-known Canadian bakery in Toronto, has made a remarkable impact on the culinary world with its delicious vegan treats. Their journey started with a promise to create tasty treats for plant-based diets and grew into a trusted name in the vegan dessert market.

Rich flavour and just the right amount of sweetness make their vegan cookies stand out. From classic chocolate chips to inventive flavours, each vegan cookie demonstrates Sweets from the Earth’s promise to offer guilt-free indulgences that appeal to vegans and non-vegans alike. As a bonus, the company uses ingredients from the top flour mills in Canada.

Cookie Scoop is a cookie brand in Canada.

Cookie Scoop is a delightful Canadian cookie brand in Halifax known for handcrafted excellence in sweet treats. Established in Halifax, Cookie Scoop has become a treasured brand famous for its devotion to handmade cookies with an artisanal touch. The company’s story started with a love for creating fantastic cookies. It has become a local favourite, featuring a diverse and inventive selection of handcrafted delights.

As part of Halifax’s lively food scene, Cookie Scoop has become popular for those who want cookies made with care, dedication, and local charm. Cookie Scoop’s handmade cookies are known for their unique flavours and textures, displaying the brand’s commitment to offering a personal and enjoyable cookie experience. Each handmade cookie embodies Cookie Scoop’s promise to deliver fresh, tasty indulgences.

Butter Avenue

Butter Avenue is a cookie brand in Toronto, Canada.

Butter Avenue, a highly regarded Canadian bakery and patisserie in Toronto, is well-known for its graceful and French-inspired indulgences. In Toronto’s vibrant core, Butter Avenue was established to bring exquisite French pastries and desserts to Canadian taste buds.

The bakery’s story started with a dream to introduce French patisseries to Toronto. It transformed into a renowned destination praised for its careful craftsmanship and devotion to quality. In Toronto’s diverse culinary scene, Butter Avenue has raised the bar for baking, crafting a sanctuary for those who crave sophisticated and lavish French-inspired pastries.

Butter Avenue pastries are a harmonious blend of flavours and sensations, encapsulating Parisian charm. From dainty macarons to light buttery croissants, each pastry embodies the bakery’s commitment to offering French patisserie’s authentic and enjoyable taste. Butter Avenue has triumphantly introduced a hint of French refinement to Toronto.

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