Best Canadian Ice Cream Brands

The best Canadian ice cream brands include Neilson, Cows Creamery, Kawartha Dairy, and Chapman's Ice Cream.

Ice cream brands across Canada create frozen delights, such as ice cream, sorbet, gelato, and frozen yogurt. Using premium ingredients and exceptional flavours, they craft scrumptious treats to be enjoyed by everyone. Many Canadian ice cream brands cater to preferences by offering dairy-free and vegan options. You can find these brands in grocery stores, specialty shops, and ice cream parlours throughout the country. Some offer convenient online ordering and delivery services.

Besides satisfying your sweet tooth, ice cream also delivers notable health advantages. Studies have revealed that indulging in this frozen dessert can boost mood, alleviate stress and improve cognitive functioning. Packed with essential nutrients like calcium and protein, ice cream builds strong bones and muscles. It’s the best treat to chill out on a sweltering Canadian day while enjoying quality time with family and friends.

To rise above their competitors in a crowded market space, the best Canadian ice cream brands need to emphasize quality and innovation. They should focus on infusing fresh ingredients to create delightful flavours exclusive to their brand. Additionally, prioritizing a delicious taste is crucial for ensuring an enjoyable experience when customers feast on their favourite snacks. The best ice cream brands can cultivate a loyal following and flourish for generations to come.

Let’s check out our list of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

What makes the best ice cream brand?

The best Canadian ice cream brands have good taste, flavours, and range.

We’ll judge the best ice cream brands in Canada based on these four criteria:

Best taste

An ice cream’s taste directly influences the customer’s experience with the product. The best ice cream should possess a smooth texture, flaunting rich and well-balanced flavours that create memories.

The ice cream taste must remain consistent across all batches. Only the highest quality ingredients should be used to guarantee a delicious flavour.

Best flavours

The diversity of flavours caters to a broader audience, setting the brand apart from competitors. The best Canadian ice cream brands provide a selection of flavours that accommodate varying taste preferences, encompassing both classic and innovative choices.

These flavours should be crafted using natural and fresh ingredients, and the brand should be receptive to customer feedback when developing upcoming offerings.

Best innovation

Top Canadian ice cream brands allocate resources to research and development, striving for unique flavours. In addition, they explore ways to enhance manufacturing processes and sustainability practices.

Innovative elements can also be observed in aspects such as packaging, marketing campaigns, and delivery methods.

Best marketing

Effective marketing strategies contribute to building brand awareness, attracting new clientele, and boosting sales. The most popular Canadian ice cream brands utilize various marketing channels to connect with a larger audience.

These channels may include social media, print advertising, influencer collaborations, and events. The marketing message should align with the brand’s values and cater to the target demographic.

List of best Canadian ice cream brands

  1. Kawartha Dairy Company
  2. Chapman’s Ice Cream
  3. Neilson Dairy
  4. Village Ice Cream
  5. La Diperie
  6. Cows Creamery
  7. Moo Shu Ice Cream
  8. Earnest Ice Cream
  9. Bilboquet
  10. Laura Secord
  11. Rocky Point Ice Cream
  12. Made by Marcus
  13. Coolway
  14. Fiasco Gelato

Kawartha Dairy Company





Best Canadian ice cream brand

Kawartha Dairy Company is one of the most famous Canadian ice cream brands.

Kawartha Dairy Company is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands. Deeply rooted in family tradition, it has crafted premium ice cream for eight decades. Originating in the charming town of Bobcaygeon, Ontario, the enterprise began with a humble horse and wagon. It distributed milk and various dairy delights throughout the neighbourhood.

As the winds of the 1930s whispered change, the company ventured into ice cream production, quickly enticing the taste buds of both locals and travellers alike. Since then, Kawartha Dairy Company has experienced remarkable growth, broadening production capabilities and reaching more ice cream aficionados. This is without compromising their dedication to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Renowned for its luscious texture and sumptuous flavours, Kawartha Dairy Company’s ice cream caters for all palates. Ranging from time-honoured favourites such as vanilla and chocolate to more adventurous choices like Moose Tracks and Salty Caramel Truffle, there’s a scoop designed for every ice cream enthusiast.

The company’s unwavering devotion to high-quality ingredients shines through as each bite features fresh cream, pure cane sugar, and authentic fruits and nuts. Inclusivity also plays a crucial role in their offerings, providing dairy-free and gluten-free alternatives for those with specific dietary needs.

Kawartha Dairy Company – Taste

Having been in operation for over 80 years, Kawartha Dairy Company has mastered the art of crafting consistently delicious and creamy ice cream. Their dedication to using only top-quality ingredients is reflected in their rich, indulgent ice cream taste.

Kawartha Dairy Company – Flavours

Offering an extensive range of flavours, Kawartha Dairy Company caters to all ice cream enthusiasts with both unique and seasonal selections. Kawartha Dairy Company’s offerings cover a wide variety of flavours, encompassing classics like vanilla and chocolate as well as distinctive options like Moose Tracks and Crème Brûlée.

The most popular flavours include Chocolate, Strawberry, and the more creative options like Pumpkin Pie and Birthday Cake. Additionally, they have a line of lactose-free alternatives for those with specific dietary needs.

Kawartha Dairy Company – Innovation

Though Kawartha Dairy Company is recognized for its timeless and traditional ice cream flavours, they occasionally incorporate novel flavours and products to align with evolving trends and customer preferences. For instance, they recently unveiled a line of plant-based ice cream made from oat milk.

While they may not be pioneering in constantly launching updated products, they continually seek ways to enhance and adjust their offerings in response to their customers’ requirements.

Kawartha Dairy Company – Marketing

Kawartha Dairy Company’s marketing efforts have been low-key, relying on word-of-mouth and their reputation for exceptional ice cream. In addition, they participate in local events and fundraisers to foster community support and promote brand awareness. Most of all, their focus on quality has cultivated customer loyalty for many decades.

Chapman’s Ice Cream





Most famous Canadian ice cream brand

Chapman's Ice Cream is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Chapman’s Ice Cream is the most famous Canadian ice cream brand. This family-owned Canadian enterprise calls Markdale, Ontario home. Established by David and Penny Chapman in the early 1970s, it has grown into one of the country’s top ice cream and frozen yogurt producers. Quality and consistency are paramount for the company, evident through their use of only the finest ingredients—from fresh cream sourced from local farms to their dedication to maintaining a nut-free facility.

Chapman’s Ice Cream truly stands out with its remarkable ice cream offerings. Classic flavours such as vanilla and chocolate meld seamlessly with unique creations like maple walnut and cotton candy. This ensures a flavour to suit each individual’s taste. Their ice cream is distinctively rich, creamy, and indulgent; its velvety texture is irresistible.

By offering options like no-sugar-added and lactose-free, Chapman’s ensures everyone can enjoy their delicious treats. Chapman’s Ice Cream has earned its reputation as a beloved Canadian institution with its unwavering commitment to quality and delicious products.

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Taste

This Canadian ice cream brand consistently delivers delicious, high-quality taste made with only the finest ingredients. Sourcing fresh cream from local farms gives their ice cream a rich flavour that’s difficult to surpass.

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Flavours

Chapman’s offers a superb selection of flavours, including classics like vanilla and chocolate or more distinctive options like pumpkin pie and caramel pecan. While the selection of flavours is solid, it does not have as many unique or groundbreaking options as other brands.

They cover a range of timeless flavours. However, some of their choices may not be as thrilling or daring as those from other brands. Yet, they present unusual selections like cotton candy and cookie dough, indicating their openness to experimenting with novel flavours.

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Innovation

Although they’ve introduced new flavours and products throughout the years, Chapman’s is not necessarily known for their innovative prowess compared to other companies. For instance, they don’t have as many plant-based or vegan options as some competitors.

Still, they’ve tried to accommodate various dietary needs by providing no-sugar-added and lactose-free options. While not being the most cutting-edge brand, Chapman’s demonstrates its willingness to grow and evolve over time.

Chapman’s Ice Cream – Marketing

Chapman’s Ice Cream has a sturdy reputation and devoted customer following but may lack visibility or marketing prominence compared to more established brands. While they might not have the same marketing budget or resources as other companies, they’ve built their strong reputation by relying on word-of-mouth advertising and favourable reviews.

Neilson Dairy





Neilson Dairy is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Established in Toronto during the early 1900s, Neilson Dairy embodies Canadian dairy craftsmanship. From its humble beginnings with William Neilson’s horse-drawn wagon milk deliveries, the company has evolved into a familiar and well-loved name in Canadian households. Despite being acquired by Canada milk brand Saputo Inc. in the 1980s, the Neilson excellence lives on.

It adorns a delightful selection of dairy products, with ice cream reigning as a beloved classic. In every scoop of Neilson Dairy ice cream, one can taste the rich history and quality woven into each flavour. Fresh cream and milk from local farmers lend authenticity to this creamy confectionery. Neilson’s ice cream caters to every sweet craving with traditional favourites like Chocolate Peanut Butter and Butter Pecan to innovative inventions like Caramel Brownie Swirl.

Beyond crafting deliciously indulgent treats, Neilson Dairy exemplifies a commitment to remarkable quality that extends beyond mere taste. With natural flavours and colours gracing each serving, it is evident that every ingredient is chosen with care. Sustainability and responsible sourcing practices stand at the forefront of company values. This ensures that generations of families can continue to relish Neilson Dairy’s ice cream legacy.

Neilson Dairy – Taste

Neilson Dairy’s ice cream is famous for its lush, velvety, and smooth texture that melts in your mouth. Prepared with premium ingredients, this ice cream offers exquisite flavour.

Vanilla flavour is exceptional and widely adored by many. Neilson Dairy’s ice cream strikes the right balance between sweetness and creaminess, making it a delight to savour.

Neilson Dairy – Flavours

Neilson Dairy offers traditional ice cream flavours like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. In addition, it offers innovative and unique options such as maple walnut, caramel brownie, and cotton candy.

Each flavour is well-rounded without being overwhelming, allowing for easy distinction between the various components. This diverse range of flavours ensures there is something to suit everyone’s taste buds.

Neilson Dairy – Innovation

With over a century in business, Neilson Dairy has continuously evolved its ice cream products. The company has consistently introduced fresh flavours and appealing packaging designs to capture a broader audience.

By utilizing top-quality ingredients and advanced technology in its production methods, the company maintains consistent taste and texture.

Neilson Dairy – Marketing

Neilson Dairy’s marketing efforts are decent, but not particularly noteworthy. The brand’s marketing highlights the quality of ingredients as well as the exceptional taste and texture of their ice creams.

Its ice creams are readily available in grocery stores and supermarkets throughout Canada. The packaging is eye-catching, showcasing the flavour clearly alongside an informative product description.

Village Ice Cream





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Calgary

Village Ice Cream is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

In Calgary, a delightful Canadian ice cream sensation was born in 2012 – Village Ice Cream. Two kindred spirits, Billy Friley and Chris Tingle, united by their profound love for crafting scrumptious and distinctive ice cream flavours, founded this local gem. Their dream was to establish a welcoming neighbourhood hub for ice cream enthusiasts seeking exceptional artisanal scoops.

Village Ice Cream prides itself on embracing artisan ingredients and meticulously produces small batches to guarantee absolute quality and freshness. This Canadian ice cream brand is known for its remarkable flavours. Each scoop is crafted with fresh cream and milk from local sources, paired with inventive inclusions like aromatic herbs, exotic spices, or even indigenous brews. This unwavering commitment to fresh, local treasures sets Village Ice Cream apart in an otherwise saturated market.

By opting for a small-batch production approach, the company thrives in experimentation with diverse flavours while maintaining unparalleled attention to detail with each delectable batch. Ultimately, Village Ice Cream shines as a cherished neighbourhood establishment with an enduring dedication to quality, innovation, and community connections.

Village Ice Cream – Taste

Village Ice Cream is highly regarded for its outstanding taste, consistently recognized as one of the top ice cream parlours in Canada. Made with premium ingredients, their ice cream incorporates fresh dairy from local Alberta farms. This results in a rich, creamy texture that’s both velvety and gratifying.

Village Ice Cream – Flavours

Village Ice Cream’s menu is famous for its imaginative and original flavours that differentiate it from other ice cream shops. With over a dozen options, there’s something to suit every taste preference, be it fruity, nutty, or chocolaty.

Each flavour is intense and genuine, offering abundant taste in every scoop. With a wide selection available, customers can choose anything from timeless options like vanilla and chocolate to distinctive alternatives such as Earl Grey tea or maple pecan. All ice cream flavours are meticulously crafted for an ideal blend of taste and texture, culminating in an indelible experience.

Village Ice Cream – Innovation

Village Ice Cream has a reputation for creative ice cream making techniques. They explore various ingredients and flavours, concocting one-of-a-kind mixtures that set them apart in the market.

Their unique process produces consistently silky and lush-textured treats. Designed to exude warmth and charm, the shop entices customers to linger over their sweet indulgences.

Village Ice Cream – Marketing

Village Ice Cream possesses a well-defined brand identity widely recognized within the local community. They’ve earned acclaim for their top-quality ice cream and developed a devoted fan base who sing their praises.

The shop also collaborates with neighbouring businesses and events to raise awareness of their brand. As a result, Village Ice Cream has grown into a distinct player within the ice cream market.

La Diperie





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Montreal

La Diperie is one of the famous Canadian ice cream brands.

Originating in Montreal, La Diperie is a delectable Canadian ice cream brand that captures dessert enthusiasts. Since its humble beginnings as a tiny ice cream parlour in 2014, it has blossomed into a widespread sensation with numerous outlets across Canada and the United States.

La Diperie’s magic lies in its commitment to delivering a one-of-a-kind, customizable ice cream adventure. Patrons are enticed by a delightful assortment of soft-serve flavours, before diving into a myriad of dips and toppings crafted to create the ultimate personalized treat.

La Diperie’s ice cream has gained a reputation for its mouthwatering taste and whimsical toppings. Each soft-serve flavour, crafted with premium ingredients, ranges from timeless favourites like vanilla and chocolate to imaginative options such as blue raspberry and maple bacon.

However, it’s La Diperie’s eclectic mix of toppings that truly elevates the experience – from classic sprinkles and candies to avant-garde selections like Froot Loops and cotton candy. Embracing the brand’s passion for personalization, every customer is empowered to concoct an ice cream masterpiece tailored to their distinct palate.

La Diperie – Taste

La Diperie’s ice cream offers a delightful, creamy texture and smooth consistency that makes it a pleasure to consume. Their well-balanced flavours aren’t overly sweet, making it easy to enjoy a generous serving. Their ice cream taste is undoubtedly one of their strong points, and it’s evident that they use first-rate ingredients to concoct their distinct flavours.

La Diperie – Flavours

La Diperie is celebrated for their diverse selection of ice cream flavours, featuring over 30 distinct dips and endless topping options. Their flavour pairings are imaginative and unparalleled, including conventional options like vanilla and chocolate. They also offer bold tastes like maple bacon and blueberry cheesecake. La Diperie shines in flavour choices, presenting a broad spectrum of options to satisfy any ice cream desire.

La Diperie – Innovation

La Diperie always pushes the envelope on ice cream possibilities. Their signature dip toppings exemplify this by adding another dimension of texture and taste that sets them apart from conventional ice cream parlours. Moreover, they continuously develop creative and innovative products, including vegan and dairy-free selections.

La Diperie’s devotion to innovation makes them an exciting brand to visit and try something unfamiliar. With that said, it doesn’t necessarily revolutionize flavours or production techniques.

La Diperie – Marketing

La Diperie has established a robust social media presence and attracted a devoted fan base through their inventive and visually striking posts. However, they haven’t ventured into extensive marketing campaigns or acquired significant brand recognition outside of their immediate operational locations.

Although they have a franchise model in place, their growth remains sluggish, suggesting limited marketing efforts. This Canadian ice cream brand can benefit from wider marketing initiatives to broaden their influence and outreach.

Cows Creamery





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Charlottetown

Cows Creamery is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Established in Charlottetown, Cows Creamery is a remarkable Canadian ice cream enterprise committed to crafting top-quality frozen treats using locally sourced milk. Hailing from small dairy farms across the island, the milk used is known for its wholesomeness and health benefits, as the cows are never treated with growth hormones.

At the core of their ethos is devotion to natural and organic ingredients. This results in an exquisite range of inventive flavours such as PEI Blueberry Cheesecake, Cinnamon Maple and Apple Pie. Aside from ice cream, Cows Creamery also produces dairy goods, including cheddar cheese, butter and milk. Available in their charming retail stores or grocery outlets across Canada, this brand is a true testament to quality and innovation. As a bonus, this company is also one of the best cheese brands in Canada.

Cows Creamery – Taste

Cows Creamery offers some of the finest tasting ice cream for Canadians. Prepared with fresh, top-notch ingredients, the difference in taste is truly remarkable. Each scoop is luxurious, velvety, and delightful, boasting a smooth texture that melts on your tongue. The expertly crafted flavours are well-rounded without being excessively sweet, allowing you to relish each mouthful. Cows Creamery ice cream is an absolute delight for your palate.

Cows Creamery – Flavours

Catering to all preferences, Cows Creamery presents a diverse selection of extraordinary and appetizing ice cream flavours. Ranging from traditional options like vanilla and chocolate to more daring choices such as sea salt caramel and blueberry cheesecake, there’s something delectable for everyone.

Their seasonal flavours deserve recognition too since they contain fresh, locally-sourced ingredients for creating limited-time offerings that are always thrilling to taste. It’s admirable that they maintain a high level of quality while crafting novel and creative flavours.

Cow’s Creamery – Innovation

Though Cows Creamery may not be breaking new ground in ice cream innovation, they excel at developing distinct and intriguing flavours that differentiate them from competing brands. Prioritizing sustainability, their eco-friendly production practices signal a positive shift in industry innovation.

Cows Creamery – Marketing

Cows Creamery employs a relatively subdued marketing approach, emphasizing word-of-mouth and local publicity. They have established a solid presence in their home base of Prince Edward Island and branched out to several other Canadian locations.

Their branding stays classical and straightforward, highlighting quality ingredients and homemade production. While their marketing isn’t exactly revolutionary, it effectively conveys their brand values and appeals to their target market.

Moo Shu Ice Cream





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Toronto

Moo Shu is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Moo Shu Ice Cream, a petite artisanal ice cream enterprise, was founded by Sophia Ng and Andrew Richmond in Toronto, Canada. Their fervour for crafting ice cream from top-notch, locally sourced ingredients and their ambition to concoct novel flavour amalgamations led to the company’s inception.

Moo Shu’s handcrafted ice cream is made in small batches utilizing organic milk and cream and excludes any artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives. With an unwavering focus on quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail, the company has garnered a devoted following among ice cream aficionados in Toronto and beyond.

With an eclectic mixture of innovative flavours, Moo Shu Ice Cream keeps things fresh by regularly updating their offerings based on seasonal ingredient accessibility. Among the crowd favourites is Matcha Made in Heaven – a delightful blend of matcha green tea intermingled with chunks of dark chocolate – as well as Miso Sesame Brittle – a savoury miso ice cream complemented by crunchy sesame brittle morsels.

Renowned for its silky, creamy texture and harmonious flavours with just the right touch of sweetness, Moo Shu’s dedication to superior ingredients and unparalleled flavour fusions has solidified their standing as one of Toronto’s finest artisanal ice cream creators.

Moo Shu Ice Cream – Taste

Moo Shu Ice Cream earns top marks for taste. Their delectable ice cream features high-quality ingredients, resulting in a creamy, smooth texture that dissolves in your mouth. With well-balanced and not overly sweet flavours, their offerings are delightful for children and grown-ups alike. What sets Moo Shu Ice Cream apart is its distinct taste that distinguishes it from other brands.

Moo Shu Ice Cream – Flavours

Moo Shu Ice Cream is known for inventive and unique flavours. They provide an extensive selection ranging from timeless classics such as chocolate and vanilla to bolder options like lavender honey and matcha green tea. In keeping with the spirit of freshness, their menu evolves with seasonal changes to ensure a continual stream of excitement for taste buds.

Moo Shu Ice Cream – Innovation

Creative ingenuity is central to Moo Shu Ice Cream’s flavour concoctions. Their relentless experimentation with novel ingredients and flavour pairings sets them apart from their ice cream competitors.

Coupled with creative and playful branding, they create a delightful identity that helps them stand out amidst fierce competition. Unafraid of venturing into the unknown, Moo Shu Ice Cream is a strong contender when it comes to innovation.

Moo Shu Ice Cream – Marketing

Though Moo Shu Ice Cream may not have access to substantial financial resources for marketing purposes, they brilliantly compensate for this with a powerful social media presence and ingenious collaborations. They join forces with local businesses and artists to develop limited edition flavours and packaging designs.

The playful, fun tone of their branding resonates well with their target audience, while a devoted social media following ensures wide-reaching brand visibility. All things considered, they deserve high praise in the marketing category for their resourcefulness.

Earnest Ice Cream





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Vancouver

Earnest Ice Cream is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Founded in Vancouver, Earnest Ice Cream epitomizes the true essence of Canada’s artisan ice cream culture. In 2012, Ben Ernst and Erica Bernardi dreamed of crafting ice cream that warms hearts with natural, high-quality ingredients. With each scoop coming from organic milk and cream supplied by Avalon Dairy, Earnest Ice Cream embodies local and seasonal components. Their reach now extends across four flourishing retail locations in Vancouver and a robust wholesale network that supplies numerous Canadian grocery stores and restaurants.

Acclaimed for its mouthwatering selection, Earnest Ice Cream delights palates with innovative concoctions like London Fog and Whiskey Hazelnut. In addition, it offers traditional favourites like Canadian chocolate. By employing exclusively natural ingredients and shunning artificial preservatives, flavours, and colours, they ensure guilt-free indulgence. Among their diverse offerings, the Salted Caramel flavour stands as a hallmark favourite. It blends caramelized sugar with Maldon sea salt to create an unparalleled fusion of sweet salinity and creamy smoothness.

Earnest Ice Cream – Taste

In terms of taste, Earnest Ice Cream deserves a high rating. They exclusively utilize premium, locally-sourced components to craft their creamy, rich ice cream flavours. Each scoop is packed with taste and texture, tempting you to indulge even more with every mouthful.

Regardless of whether you appreciate traditional flavours like Chocolate or crave something distinctive like their Whiskey Hazelnut, you’re sure to love the ice cream taste.

Earnest Ice Cream – Flavours

As for flavours, Earnest Ice Cream excels by offering a wide assortment of choices with a variety of variations depending on seasonal availability. Their menu includes both classic options and imaginative, innovative ones like their renowned London Fog flavour, which fuses Earl Grey tea and vanilla. They meticulously create each flavour to establish an ideal harmony of sweetness and richness, making it difficult to select just one.

Earnest Ice Cream – Innovation

While Earnest Ice Cream may not be the most groundbreaking brand when it comes to product innovation, their emphasis on employing locally sourced ingredients and supporting neighbourhood communities sets them apart in the category of innovation. Their dedication to sustainability also deserves praise, as they utilize compostable packaging and allocate a portion of their earnings to local charities.

Earnest Ice Cream – Marketing

Earnest Ice Cream maintains an active presence on social media platforms, frequently announcing upcoming flavours and events. Their packaging is minimalistic yet captivating, showcasing vivid colours and whimsical illustrations that attract consumers from all walks of life.

Despite the brand’s substantial presence within the local community, it doesn’t enjoy as broad national or international recognition as other brands. Their marketing strategies tend to concentrate more on sustainability and locally sourced ingredients—although important, they may not capture attention as effectively as other approaches.






Bilboquet is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Bilboquet, a well-known Canadian ice cream company, was founded by two friends Guy-Joseph Nadeau and Steve Roy. United by their enthusiasm for crafting exceptional, artisanal ice cream, they opened their inaugural shop in 1983. Word of their remarkable flavours and commitment to premium ingredients spread rapidly.

Bilboquet graces various locations in Quebec and Ontario, while select Canadian grocery stores and eateries offer frozen fare. They maintain their dedication to traditional techniques and small-batch production while striving to concoct inventive flavours championing local ingredients.

Indulging in Bilboquet’s ice cream is the quintessential Canadian experience. Their insistence on using only the finest ingredients shines through in every blissful scoop. Innovative and distinctive flavours, ranging from time-honoured chocolate or vanilla to blueberry-basil or lavender honey, delight taste buds. Expect silky smoothness and creaminess in every bite, without artificial additives or preservatives.

Beyond classic ice cream delights, Bilboquet extends its mastery into the sorbet and vegan realms, ensuring everyone can relish their scrumptious creations. Whether savouring a scoop inside a shop or grabbing a pint from the nearest grocery store, Bilboquet’s ice cream gratifies your cravings.

Bilboquet – Taste

Bilboquet’s ice cream captures everyone with its rich atexture, making each mouthful a pleasure to relish. Using top-notch ingredients such as fresh cream and fruits, the ice cream boasts a silky and velvety consistency. Every scoop of Bilboquet’s ice cream guarantees a sensory journey that leaves an enduring mark on your taste buds.

Bilboquet – Flavours

Bilboquet presents a wide-ranging selection of flavours that encompass traditional and unconventional. They have perfected the classics like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry but also dabble in exclusive tastes like their Balsamic Vinegar and Basil—a fascinating blend of zesty and herbal notes.

Their flavour pairings are imaginative and harmonious, leaving you hard-pressed to choose just one. Catering to various preferences with their dairy-free and vegan alternatives, Bilboquet ensures everyone can indulge in their scrumptious flavours.

Bilboquet – Innovation

Focusing on quality over quantity, Bilboquet’s dedication to innovation is evident in their offerings. Showcasing local ingredients like Quebec maple syrup and berries delivers a distinct regional essence. Their strategic and mindful approach to innovation results in unforgettable treats.

Bilboquet brings seasonal delights to the table, such as pumpkin ice cream during autumn. Though seasonal flavours don’t appear often, when they do appear, they’re unique and expertly crafted.

Bilboquet – Marketing

While Bilboquet maintains a strong brand identity with a devoted clientele, their marketing strategies lean towards the quieter side than other brands. Primarily relying on word-of-mouth referrals and social media for promotion, their branding remains coherent with the iconic black-and-white cow logo easily distinguishable.

By emphasizing premium-quality ice cream production, Bilboquet has formed a loyal customer base and solidified their reputation in the industry. While their marketing techniques may be unassuming, their delectable ice cream steals the show.

Laura Secord





Famous Canadian ice cream brand in Toronto

Laura Secord is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Laura Secord, a cherished Canadian chocolatier and ice cream brand, has delighted taste buds across the nation for over 100 years. Honouring the namesake of Laura Ingersoll Secord, the heroic Canadian figure who warned British forces of the impending American invasion during the War of 1812, the first chocolate shop opened its doors in Ontario in 1913. Over time, the company has become a household name, synonymous with exquisite chocolates and confections.

Laura Secord ice cream is defined by its luxuriously rich and creamy texture, accompanied by a delectable assortment of flavours. From classic offerings like mint chocolate chip and butter pecan to unique creations such as Rocky Road and maple walnut, there’s something for everyone. Their renowned ice cream cake layers sumptuous ice cream with decadent cake, transforming it into a spectacular dessert for a party.

Using only high-quality ingredients in their recipes and free from artificial flavours and colourings, Laura Secord’s ice cream is a go-to choice for those who value natural, wholesome treats. This beloved Canadian ice cream brand continues to capture hearts and satisfy cravings with their delightfully indulgent products.

Laura Secord – Taste

Laura Secord’s ice cream showcases a rich, creamy texture that demonstrates their commitment to top-notch ingredients. Each scoop is smooth and delectable, possessing a distinct flavour depth that differentiates it from other brands. High-quality cocoa and vanilla are unmistakably present, enhancing chocolate and vanilla varieties.

Laura Secord – Flavours

Laura Secord provides a reliable variety of classic choices like chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, which are executed skillfully. Their fruit flavours are also excellent, offering authentic fruitiness without being overly sweet.

They also feature some interesting flavours such as maple and butter tart that are worth sampling. Nevertheless, expanding the range of flavours and refining the more imaginative options would be beneficial to enhance their selection.

Laura Secord – Innovation

Although Laura Secord is renowned for its timeless chocolates and sweets spanning over a century, their ice cream lineup appears quite conventional and lacks innovation. Trying out novel ingredients and techniques could push this Canadian staple further ahead.

Laura Secord – Marketing

Being well-established in Canada, Laura Secord enjoys a robust brand reputation with its chocolates and sweets often found alongside ice cream offerings to spur sales. Targeting younger demographics with marketing strategies may invite them to sample unique flavours or seek out artisanal products.

Rocky Point Ice Cream





Rocky Point Ice Cream is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Situated in Port Moody, Rocky Point Ice Cream is a cherished family-owned establishment. This delightful business took root in 1997 when Natasha and Brian Smith crafted sumptuous ice cream by harnessing nature’s finest ingredients. What began as a humble endeavour has become a community favourite. It draws a loyal following who value the company’s dedication to quality and sustainability.

Rocky Point Ice Cream shines on wholesome, local ingredients—so much so that they’ve started producing their own milk on an Abbotsford farm in British Columbia. Complementing this eco-conscious approach are homemade waffle cones, as well as vegan and lactose-free options that cater to diverse tastes and dietary needs.

Rocky Point ice cream is creamy, scrumptious and flavourful. Their extensive selection spans from classic choices such as chocolate and vanilla to innovative indulgences like blueberry lavender and lemon pie. The much-loved honey lavender flavour features fresh lavender sourced from the Okanagan Valley, providing a delightful Canadian taste.

By adhering to traditional small-batch methods, each scoop promises richness and depth with every lick. Beyond ice cream, Rocky Point also tempts patrons with sorbet, milkshakes, and ice cream cakes—an irresistible haven for dessert aficionados. Rocky Point Ice Cream is essential for locals and travellers alike. In the realm of tantalizing frozen treats, this Canadian gem is not to be missed.

Rocky Point Ice Cream – Taste

Rocky Point Ice Cream shines with its luscious and luxurious ice cream that boasts a silky texture and an ideal level of sweetness. Their commitment to using fresh and top-notch ingredients certainly adds to the overall delectable aspect of their ice cream.

Rocky Point’s ice cream possesses exceptional quality that sets it apart. The flavours are genuine and unique, making it easy to identify each option’s distinct tastes.

Rocky Point Ice Cream – Flavours

Regarding flavours, Rocky Point Ice Cream presents a vast assortment of options, spanning from traditional choices to more inventive and imaginative ones. They constantly introduce delicious flavours to their menu, keeping customers eager to sample something different.

Rocky Point is renowned for its imaginative and whimsical flavours, such as London Fog, Maple Bacon, and Blueberry Cheesecake. Also, they provide vegan and dairy-free alternatives to accommodate dietary needs.

Rocky Point Ice Cream – Innovation

Rocky Point Ice Cream is recognized for its inventiveness in conjuring fresh and exciting flavours. Using various ingredients and methods, they strive to deliver singular and groundbreaking flavours to their clientele.

In addition, they feature a variety of ice cream-related products like ice cream cakes, ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream pies, enhancing the overall experience when indulging in their creations. They regularly collaborate with local enterprises and charities, highlighting their dedication to the community they serve.

Rocky Point Ice Cream – Marketing

Rocky Point Ice Cream’s striking and easily recognizable branding and packaging help make their products more appealing on retail shelves. Nevertheless, they could benefit from investing in additional marketing strategies, such as advertising campaigns and promotional deals. This will heighten brand awareness and engage with new clients.

Made by Marcus





Best Canadian ice cream brand in Calgary

Made by Marcus is one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Hailing from Calgary, Alberta, Made by Marcus is a delightful small-batch ice cream company that captures Canadian hearts. The brainchild of Marcus Purtzki, a pastry chef with experience in fine restaurants across Canada and Europe, the venture began in 2016 within his own kitchen. Utilizing local ingredients and playing with extraordinary flavour combinations, Marcus crafted his masterpiece ice creams that quickly shot to fame, finding their way into local farmers’ markets.

Today, Made by Marcus graces various locations throughout Alberta, delighting taste buds with handcrafted ice creams, sorbets, and other frosty delights. With a focus on quality and uniqueness, they whip up small batches of whimsical ice cream flavours using natural ingredients. Each mouth-watering creation is designed with care for texture and balance, culminating in a luxurious and sophisticated treat. Their most beloved offerings are Burnt Honey & Vanilla, Lemon Curd & Olive Oil, and Whiskey Hazelnut.

But they don’t stop at ice cream! Made by Marcus also tempts with tantalizing ice cream sandwiches, popsicles, and other delectable frozen treats. Their dedication to quality ingredients paired with inventive flavour profiles has garnered a fierce fan base and solidified their status as one of the best Canadian ice cream brands.

Made by Marcus – Taste

Made by Marcus earns high marks for their exceptional ice cream quality. Each flavour is carefully crafted, consistently delivering a rich and satisfying taste. Ice cream texture is smooth and velvety, never heavy or synthetic. Made by Marcus truly grasps the significance of taste in ice cream, which is evident in every scoop.

Made by Marcus – Flavours

Made by Marcus exhibits remarkable creativity by offering thrilling flavours such as Saskatoon Berry Crumble and Roasted Marshmallow. They also have classic flavours like chocolate and vanilla which are elevated through high-quality ingredients and meticulous attention to detail. Made by Marcus flavour combinations are always harmonious and skillfully executed, giving each scoop an enjoyable experience.

Made by Marcus – Innovation

Made by Marcus consistently pushes the envelope and explores new possibilities. They experiment with novel flavours and ingredients, creating some of the most inventive ice cream creations on the market. Their ice cream is always fresh and distinctive, setting them apart in a competitive market. With that said, their ice cream flavours can use more diversity.

Made by Marcus – Marketing

Made by Marcus is recognized for its whimsical and peculiar aesthetic across its social media platforms, website, and store design. They actively engage with customers on social media by sharing information about upcoming flavours and events. However, their marketing reach may not be as extensive as some other ice cream brands, which could affect their overall visibility.






Best Canadian vegan ice cream brand

Coolway is one of the best Canadian vegan ice cream brands.

Introducing Coolway, the Canadian ice cream sensation revolutionizing the frozen treats landscape with its premium low-calorie offerings. This remarkable brand is on a mission to craft delightful ice cream without sacrificing the delectable taste you love. By employing an ingenious patented process and incorporating natural ingredients, Coolway skillfully reduces calorie content without artificial sweeteners.

A wide variety of classic and innovative flavours await, catering to diverse dietary needs with gluten-free and vegan selections. Canadians can rejoice, for Coolway’s delicious products grace the shelves of local grocery stores and online retailers from coast to coast.

Indulge guilt-free with Coolway’s scrumptious ice cream as it presents the right solution for sweet-toothed individuals mindful of their calorie consumption. Indistinguishable from traditional ice cream, Coolway offers a creamy, luxurious treat bursting with flavour in every bite.

The brand’s commitment to natural ingredients and groundbreaking manufacturing techniques sets it apart from other low-calorie competitors on the market. Treat your taste buds to an epicurean adventure with popular flavours like Double Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Salted Caramel, among many others. Choose Coolway for a deliciously healthy alternative that will satisfy your craving for ice cream without any regrets.

Coolway – Taste

Coolway vegan ice cream has a smooth and creamy texture, similar to traditional ice cream. Flavours are well-balanced, without being excessively sweet, which lets the natural taste of the ingredients stand out. Even with plant-based components, taste is not compromised, making ice cream delicious.

Coolway – Flavours

Coolway presents a variety of exceptional and tasty flavours like Salted Caramel, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Peanut Butter Fudge. Classic flavours such as Vanilla and Chocolate are also available and just as appetizing. The range of flavours offered is striking, with each one having a distinct taste that differentiates it from the rest.

Coolway – Innovation

Coolway’s utilization of plant-based ingredients in creating vegan ice cream demonstrates innovativeness and progressive thinking. They have designed a product that meets consumers’ demands for a dairy-free alternative while maintaining a great taste. Additionally, their dedication to eco-friendly ingredients and packaging highlights their cutting-edge approach.

Coolway – Marketing

Coolway’s marketing strategy is decent. They employ visually appealing images and captivating captions to advertise their products and strengthen brand awareness. Their marketing approach successfully builds brand recognition and promotes vegan ice cream offerings.

Fiasco Gelato





Best Canadian gelato brand

Fiasco is the best Canadian gelato brand.

Fiasco Gelato, originating from Calgary, Alberta, is a cherished Canadian artisanal gelato and sorbet business. Since its humble beginnings in 2003 as a modest cart serving delightful frozen treats, Fiasco Gelato has flourished into a renowned national brand. It boasts multiple retail outlets and a robust online presence.

Fiasco Gelato shows unwavering devotion to crafting exceptional gelato with fresh, natural ingredients through time-honoured techniques. The company prioritizes locally sourced components from passionate farmers and suppliers, ensuring they create mouthwatering flavours from the finest produce. Each day, small batches of delectable gelato are freshly made and ready to tantalize tastebuds across the nation.

Fiasco Gelato’s commitment extends beyond just taste – their focus on sustainability and eco-consciousness is equally notable. Embracing responsible initiatives like composting, biodegradable packaging, and partnering with suppliers who appreciate sustainable practices helps them minimize their environmental footprint.

Offering an exquisite selection of creative and delectable flavours ensures there’s a Fiasco Gelato treat suitable for everyone’s palate. From traditional Italian delights such as Stracciatella and Pistachio to adventurous concoctions like Thai Chili Lime and Cardamom – every spoonful promises an unforgettable experience. The velvety-smooth texture paired with a rich, indulgent taste that isn’t overly sweet sets Fiasco Gelato apart from the rest.

Fiasco Gelato – Taste

Fiasco Gelato is renowned for rich, creamy texture and deep, unforgettable flavours. Their dedication to using top-quality, locally sourced ingredients shines through in their naturally flavourful gelato. By making it in small batches, they guarantee its freshness and perfect flavour balance.

Fiasco Gelato – Flavours

Fiasco Gelato always has something original and exciting with continuous flavour and combination experimentation. They serve not only traditional options like pistachio and chocolate but also more inventive choices such as salted caramel and Saskatoon berries. Be sure to try their seasonal offerings, crafted from fresh, in-season ingredients for truly distinctive and tasty combos.

Fiasco Gelato – Innovation

Recognized for breaking the mould by inventing original flavours, Fiasco Gelato tries various ingredients and methodologies. Their dedication to making delectable and one-of-a-kind gelato led to the introduction of a line of alcoholic gelato varieties that utilize craft spirits from nearby distilleries.

Fiasco Gelato – Marketing

With a solid social media presence, Fiasco Gelato has successfully built a community of die-hard gelato fans. Their Instagram account showcases enticing photos of their gelato while highlighting their dedication to quality components and artisanal methods. Fiasco Gelato’s marketing approach effectively conveys their brand personality and establishes them as a well-known, reliable name in the industry.

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