Best Charities in Canada

The best charities in Canada are Canadian Cancer Society, Canadian Red Cross, and Plan International Canada.

Charities are dedicated to assisting underprivileged communities. Think of charities as society’s unsung heroes. These teams work contentedly to make the world a better place. Their efforts include disaster relief, medical aid, and education for impoverished youth.

Canadian culture is deeply dedicated to philanthropy. This altruistic spirit fosters social unity, diminishes disparities, supplies reasonably-priced housing, and persistently assists vulnerable groups in society. Being widely recognized for its unshakable devotion to noble causes, the Canadian charity sector continuously seeks to improve the world for all.

From food banks to homeless shelters, charities always offer a helping hand. When disaster strikes, charities provide emergency response services. They assist natural disaster victims by providing food or shelter. In addition, charities rebuild homes and communities.

Canadian charities deserve our recognition and support. Check out our list of the best charities in Canada.

What makes the best charity?

The best charities in Canada include Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Cancer Society, and Canadian Mental Health Association.

We’ll judge the best charities in Canada based on these four criteria:

Best programs

A charity’s programs are what they use to achieve their goals. Some examples include homeless shelters, food banks, or outreach programs. The best charities have well-designed programs with clear objectives.

They’ll also have a plan to achieve those objectives and a system for measuring success. Without effective programs, a charity may not achieve its goals and help those in need.

Best staff

Charities need a team of passionate people committed to making a difference in the world. They work tirelessly to ensure programs run efficiently, finances are managed properly, and donors are engaged. Charity workers need emotional fortitude, as they handle challenging situations daily.

Biggest budget

Charities must manage their finances responsibly. The best charities have a clear budget that outlines their income and expenses, including overhead costs. A well-managed budget ensures a charity maintains financial stability and operates efficiently.

In addition, charities should be transparent about their financial management. Donors should trust that their contributions are used appropriately.


The best charities are honest about their finances, programs, and impact. They share information with their stakeholders, allowing donors to understand how their money was spent. Transparent charities are open to feedback and accountable for their actions.

When charities are transparent, donors can feel confident that their contributions make a meaningful impact. They will feel reassured knowing the charity is conducted ethically.

List of best charities in Canada

  1. Canadian Red Cross
  2. Canadian Cancer Society
  3. Doctors Without Borders Canada
  4. Canadian Mental Health Association
  5. Plan International Canada
  6. The Terry Fox Foundation
  7. Habitat for Humanity Canada
  8. SickKids Foundation

Canadian Red Cross

Best Charity in Canada

The Canadian Red Cross is the best charity in Canada.

When disaster strikes, hope can seem like a faintly distant memory. The Canadian Red Cross is there to help. They provide disaster relief and emergency response services worldwide. From hurricanes to earthquakes, they work tirelessly to support victims after emergencies and disasters.

The Canadian Red Cross reunites families torn apart by natural disasters. The organization will do everything to bring loved ones back together. In addition, they offer first aid and safety training programs, ensuring everyone is prepared for whatever comes their way.

Canadian Red Cross Programs

The Canadian Red Cross has many programs to support those in need. Their Emergency Management program supports communities affected by disasters. They also work to reunite families separated by conflict or disaster. Similarly, their Disaster Psychosocial Services provide emotional counsel after a calamity.

Canadian Red Cross Staff

In Canada, the Red Cross reigns supreme with over 4,000 dutiful staff members and 20,000+ dedicated volunteers. Their team includes emergency response personnel, skilled healthcare professionals, and many compassionate social workers. The organization is committed to inclusivity, which is reflected in their recruitment practices. The Red Cross create a welcoming work environment for all their employees.

Canadian Cancer Society

Best Cancer Charity in Canada

Canadian Cancer Society is one of the best charities in Canada.

Cancer is a word that brings fear and uncertainty to many. Fortunately, there is hope. Canadian Cancer Society is dedicated to funding cancer research, seeking better treatments for this debilitating disease. It also provides invaluable emotional support to cancer patients and their families.

In addition to their research initiatives, the Canadian Cancer Society provides programs to assist individuals affected by cancer. These programs cater to cancer patients and survivors alike. The valuable resources can help manage the physical, emotional, and practical difficulties associated with the disease.

Doctors Without Borders Canada

Best Medical Charity in Canada

Doctors Without Borders is one of the best Canadian charities.

Doctors Without Borders Canada is a team of medical professionals that saves lives worldwide. Armed with their medical expertise and a strong sense of justice, they swoop into crisis and disaster zones to provide essential medical care. With a network of over 70 countries, they travel far and wide, battling against conflict, epidemics, and natural disasters.

Doctors Without Borders Canada prioritizes making healthcare accessible to marginalized communities. They’ll go to the most dangerous regions, from war zones to disaster areas. Furthermore, their team isn’t concerned with your race, religion, or political views. They just want to provide medical care, regardless of your background.

Canadian Mental Health Association

Best Mental Health Charity in Canada

Canadian Mental Health Association is one of the best charities in Canada.

The Canadian Mental Health Association is a national non-profit organization that promotes mental health in Canada. This charity operates in over 330 communities across Canada, providing a range of mental health programs and services. The organization supports people living with mental health issues. It also provides resources for their families or loved ones.

CMHA works to reduce the stigma surrounding mental illness. The organization advocates for improved mental health policies. It also does fundraising at the national, provincial & local levels. This charity provides crisis intervention services, including a 24/7 crisis line and mobile crisis teams in some regions. Furthermore, it offers peer support groups and educational workshops to manage your mental health condition.

Plan International Canada

Best Children’s Charity in Canada

Plan International Canada is one of the top Canadian charities.

Plan International Canada advocates for the rights of children and gender equality. This organization prioritizes enriching the lives of children in poor nations, particularly young females. Plan International Canada has been in operation for nearly 80 years, with a presence in over 70 countries.

Plan International Canada has touched the lives of millions of people through its activities. They have helped vulnerable populations with clean water, food, and healthcare services. They have fought to encourage education, particularly for females, who are frequently denied access to education. Plan International Canada also strives to safeguard children from abuse and exploitation.

The Terry Fox Foundation

Best Cancer Research Charity in Canada

The Terry Fox Foundation is one of the best charities in Canada.

The Terry Fox Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Canada that provides donations for cancer research. It was established in memory of Terry Fox, a young man who attempted to run across Canada to promote cancer awareness. Since then, the Foundation has raised more than $850 million for cancer research. The organization is devoted to carrying on Terry’s legacy, achieving his noble ambition of a cancer-free planet.

The Terry Fox Foundation arranges annual fundraising activities, including the annual Terry Fox Run. This marathon is held in various locations in Canada and around the world. The Foundation also supports cutting-edge cancer research. It aims to discover cures and enhance treatments for all cancers. In addition to sponsoring research, the Foundation provides assistance to cancer patients and their families via a variety of initiatives.

Habitat for Humanity Canada

Best Homeless Charity in Canada

Habitat for Humanity Canada is one of the best Canadian charities.

Habitat for Humanity Canada, the affordable housing guru, enables homeownership dreams. With 300+ community presence, the charity has assisted 2,800+ families to secure a safe home. The Canadian charity runs on volunteer labour and donated materials to keep costs low.

The charity’s programs offer more than just shelter. Its financial literacy and home maintenance education helps families prosper. By providing resources to succeed in homeownership, Habitat for Humanity Canada catalyzes a wave of positive change.

SickKids Foundation

Best Children’s Health Charity in Canada

SickKids Foundation is one of the best charities in Canada.

SickKids Foundation is a well-known Canadian research organization. For almost 140 years, it has offered high-quality medical treatment to children. Researchers at SickKids Foundation work relentlessly to create innovative treatments and cures. The clinical care staff treats patients and their families with compassion.

SickKids Foundation invests heavily in research, education, and advocacy. The foundation is pushing the limits of paediatric healthcare with cutting-edge medical facilities. Every gift to the SickKids Foundation moves the world closer to a future in which all children can grow up healthily.

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