Best Logistics Companies in Canada

The best logistics company in Canada are Shipfusion, Bollore Logistics, and Scan Global Logistics.

The best logistics companies in Canada hold a significant position in today’s global economy. They manage the flow of products and services between various locations. These businesses connect producers, suppliers, and end-users, ensuring items are transported, stored, and distributed. Their core responsibilities include procurement, transport, warehousing, inventory oversight, and order completion.

Logistics companies’ significance is rooted in their capability to boost operational effectiveness while reducing costs throughout supply chains. They can obtain favourable shipping rates, secure specialized equipment, and apply efficient inventory management methods through economies of scale. Furthermore, their competence in optimizing routes and selecting transportation modes reduces delivery times and increases customer satisfaction.

The best logistics companies benefit from a solid technological foundation. They use transportation management systems, real-time monitoring, and data analysis tools that enable smooth communication. Also, adaptability and agility are crucial for navigating fluctuating market conditions and unforeseen disruptions. Likewise, centralizing warehousing and distribution allows these businesses to focus on operations while relying on professionals to handle intricate logistics operations.

Explore our list of the best logistics companies in Canada.

What makes the best logistics companies?

The best logistics companies in Canada should be speedy, reliable, and cost-effective.

We’ll judge the best logistics companies in Canada based on these four criteria:


Speed affects customer satisfaction. Quick order management, streamlined transportation, and punctual deliveries showcase a company’s dedication to fulfilling client expectations. A fast logistics company reduces lead times, lowering inventory shortage chances and ensuring products reach customers immediately.


Confirming orders are completed correctly eliminates costly and time-consuming revisions. Meticulous inventory administration avoids overstocking or understocking. That allows seamless order handling and reduces delays in supply chains.


Costs are central to an organization’s efficiency and profitability. Supervising transportation expenses, storage fees, and other operational costs is crucial to optimize resource distribution. Cost-effective methods enable logistics businesses to present attractive pricing options to their customers.


The best logistics companies in Canada prioritize outstanding client support, clear communication channels, and tailored solution. Catering to individual customer preferences, presenting diverse delivery choices and offering value-added options. They may provide tracking capabilities and order personalization to make the customer experience more accessible.

List of best logistics companies in Canada

  1. Shipfusion
  2. Scan Global Logistics
  3. QRC Logistics
  4. Western Logistics
  5. Maritime Logistics Group Inc
  6. Crane Worldwide Logistics
  7. Logistics Plus
  8. Transport JCG
  9. Core Logistics International
  10. Bolloré Logistics
  11. Charger Logistics Inc
  12. 18 Wheels Logistics
  13. ADLI
  14. D4 Logistics
  15. Philburn Inc
  16. Titan Transline






Best logistics company in Canada

Shipfusion is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Shipfusion is one of the best logistics companies in Canada. A team of eCommerce and logistics experts founded the business. They believe retailers should have as much faith in their fulfillment partners as in their in-house teams. Shipfusion focuses on custom solutions designed for retailer needs. This third party logistics provider caters to various business models, such as traditional retail, crowdfunding initiatives, subscription services, and sample offerings.

From the outset, the company chose to avoid partnering with third-party warehouses. Instead, it concentrates on a handful of strategic locations overseen by Shipfusion’s dedicated staff. This intelligent decision, coupled with the team’s vast industry know-how, allows Shipfusion to offer exceptional guidance and assurance to clients seeking more efficient and scalable fulfillment structures.

Leveraging fulfillment data is central to Shipfusion’s operations, as demonstrated by their impressive 380,000-square-foot temperature-controlled facility in Chicago. This specific site was meticulously picked to enable direct integration of parcels into carrier networks, significantly slashing transit times—often by an entire day. Shipfusion operates other warehouses in Los Angeles and Toronto, cleverly placed to provide clients easy access to highly populated regions across North America.

Scan Global Logistics

Top logistics company in British Columbia, Canada

Scan Global Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Scan Global Logistics is a top logistics company in Canada. With over 45 years of expertise under their belt, SGL Group streamlines logistics around the globe. Their journey started in Denmark in 1975 and 1989. They rapidly branched across all continents, cementing their reputation as skilled freight forwarding professionals.

Emphasizing its human-centric methodology, SGL Group cultivates enduring customer connections and appeals to a growing clientele. Their dedication to simplifying complexities has developed into an effective business strategy that supports various sectors, from commercial enterprises to humanitarian organizations. This is done by road, rail, sea or sky.

A can-do attitude lies at the essence of SGL Group’s identity, demonstrating its passion for discovering optimal solutions for its partners. Their attention to environmental, social and governance performance highlights their devotion to sustainability; they actively work towards decreasing carbon emissions and forging a positive influence within the transportation and logistics sectors.

As a widely-trusted leader in the industry, SGL Group presents an extensive variety of logistics services, illustrated through engaging customer testimonials. Their progression from local beginnings to global prominence symbolizes an ongoing quest to improve logistics provisions for future generations to benefit from.

QRC Logistics

Top logistics company in Ontario, Canada

QRC Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

QRC Logistics is one of the best Canadian logistics companies. The logistics provider prioritizes the urgent delivery needs of its retail clients. It consistently manages various products, such as high-value items, fashion goods, cosmetics, and electronics. QRC thrives by accommodating scheduled deliveries and customizing each client’s logistics solution to their needs.

QRC’s prosperity is closely linked to its well-kept rolling assets, efficiently executing scheduled deliveries throughout southern Ontario. This broad fleet of employment expands to include time-restricted cartage and regional Less Than Truckload (LTL) services on same-day and overnight timetables. From the beginning of their collaboration, QRC customers have experienced an unyielding commitment to service excellence.

QRC Logistics takes immense pride in exemplifying its core values of innovation, adaptability, accountability, and attentiveness in every team member. It ensures clients receive nothing less than extraordinary service. As QRC nears its 40th anniversary, the company feels deeply thankful for the opportunities its customers have presented. The combined efforts of the entire team reverberate through the organization.

Western Logistics

Top logistics company in Western Canada

Western Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Western Logistics thrives as a facility-based logistics company in Western Canada. It adopts a hub-and-spoke methodology and a steadfast dedication to delivering customized services when necessary. With a rich history spanning nearly 30 years in the industry, Western Logistics emphasizes effective communication. Transparent expectations, efficient movement tracking, and ethical delivery details form the core of its operational approach.

The company’s philosophy is rooted in harmony between devoted and enthusiastic individuals equipped with cutting-edge tools under skillful leadership, achieving remarkable results. Western Logistics’ pinnacle achievement is becoming an undetectable conductor behind the scenes, guaranteeing flawless performance.

Determined to ease transportation challenges within the business furniture domain, Western Logistics remains unwavering in its commitment to delivering lasting, damage-free, cost-efficient, and prompt services. Coordinated efforts between Calgary and Edmonton terminals under a well-planned regionalization drive to ensure a cohesive service approach catering to Alberta and the B.C. Interior.

The combined warehouse space totals nearly 35,000 square feet throughout Calgary and Edmonton. The company extends top-notch storage facilities to bolster its wide-ranging service offerings. Western Logistics’ primary motivation is seamless logistical operations, dependable communication, and nurturing customer appreciation through effective behind-the-scenes excellence.

Maritime Logistics Group Inc

Top logistics company in Maritime Canada

Maritime World Logistics Inc is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Maritime World Logistics Inc is a top logistics company in Atlantic Canada. It excels at managing hefty and oversized shipments with a personal touch, utilizing its know-how and experience since 1999. Committed to customer satisfaction, their proficiency reaches across North America, crafting smooth and inventive transportation solutions for project cargo.

Their all-inclusive services include project transportation management, evaluating alternative routes, cost-effective methods, acquiring permits, and designing complete projects. They handle a variety of industries such as Power Generation, Oil and Gas, Mining, and Construction. They specialize in machinery, cranes, vehicles, and more transportation.

Offering diverse transport modes guarantees a seamless process from port handling to customs clearance. Rail transportation includes railcars, while road options include regular trailers, low-bed trailers, hydraulic platforms, and specialized equipment. Water transport is available on inland waterways and ocean routes.

Maritime World Logistics Inc. operates extensively throughout the USA and Canada, concentrating on customer-focused solutions to tackle heavy and oversized cargo transport. It works in tandem with the best moving companies and portable storage in Canada.

Crane Worldwide Logistics

International logistics company in Canada

Crane Worldwide Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Established in 2008, Crane Worldwide Logistics occupies a distinguished role as a leader in supply chain solutions. The organization’s principles centre on promoting international trade with exceptional performance, fostering team accomplishments, and uplifting communities. The company concentrates on overcoming specific logistics obstacles and tailoring their services to the distinct requirements of their clients.

Recognizing the innate risks within modern global supply chains, Crane Worldwide Logistics proactively confronts evolving security threats and complex regulatory structures. Its central mission revolves around adding value to supply chain processes. Their value proposition involves acting as client advocates while offering inventive and cost-effective international transportation and logistics services.

At Crane Worldwide, leadership exudes unwavering dedication to prioritizing clients and crafting solutions that adeptly navigate through current and future transportation and logistics challenges. The company fosters an accommodating work atmosphere with an emphasis on creating an extraordinary workplace. Their regard for employees leads them to actively pursue remarkable individuals to join their dynamic team. Beyond business matters, they embrace corporate citizenship through their Crane Cares initiative by endorsing global sustainability.

Logistics Plus

International logistics provider in Canada

Logistics Plus is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Logistics Plus Inc offers a wide range of comprehensive solutions worldwide. Over 25 years ago, Jim Berlin founded the company in Erie, PA. It has expanded to annual global sales exceeding $500M, with a presence in 50+ countries and employing over 1,200 individuals.

Recognized as a top 3PL provider and one of the fastest-growing privately-owned logistics enterprises, Logistics Plus is committed to excellence and customer satisfaction. Their services include transportation, warehousing, fulfillment, global logistics, business intelligence, technology solutions, and supply chain management. Focusing on the significant and intricate aspects of logistics, Logistics Plus excels at efficiently handling large tasks and numerous minor details. The team nurtures a passion for excellence, service, and community through its dedicated professionals.

For those residing in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and surrounding communities, Logistics Plus extends its expertise in local, domestic, and international transportation and logistics. Do you face challenges in logistics or supply chain management? The company’s Canadian team showcases how they exceed expectations to ensure customer satisfaction and success.

Transport JCG

Top logistics company in Quebec, Canada

Transport JCG is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Established in 1985 by Jean-Claude Germain, Transport JCG has flourished due to its team’s unwavering commitment and forward-thinking management. Key strategic moves, such as joining forces with TFI International Group in 1998, have reinforced its standing in the competitive field. The company became a significant acquisition for the multinational company when it adopted the name TFI Transport 1 L.P.

Transport JCG’s growth grew as it merged with five reputable transportation companies, enhancing its operational efficiency and expansion. The company also caters to United States clients with bases in Trois-Rivières, Montreal, and Lennoxville. Now known as TFI Transport 1 Inc., it proudly displays its contemporary JCG logo.

Equipped with numerous terminals and an impressive fleet comprising 750 trailers and 235 trucks, Transport JCG has established itself as a reliable carrier. The company’s devotion to safety and security is demonstrated through CTPAT, PIP, CSA, FAST, and SmartWay certifications. This highlights its commitment to secure and efficient freight transport across North America.

Core Logistics International

Top freight company in Canada

Core Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

CORE Logistics International is a Canadian logistics company that offers various services, like air freight, ocean freight, and ground freight. It excels at handling cargo for international, domestic, import, export, and cross-trade transactions. The company is founded in Toronto, one of the most livable cities in Canada.

CORE Trucking, an integral part of the organization, offers remarkable benefits. Depending on the situation, the trucking team is prepared to drive cargo to its final destination or partially connect with subsequent parts of the journey as needed. Their assistance is strengthened by airline-compatible roller beds, which make CORE Trucking an outstanding pre-flight shipping choice.

CORE Logistics International skillfully addresses local, long-haul, and contract logistics requirements as an all-inclusive logistics provider. Additionally, the company features CORE Warehousing services. It’s worth mentioning that CORE Logistics International functions as a CBSA Sufferance Bonded Warehouse Operator and holds the title of Transport Canada Regulated Agent with an accredited Air Cargo Security screening facility.

Bolloré Logistics

Famous logistics company in Canada

Bollore Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Bolloré Logistics emerges as a global powerhouse in international transport and logistics. It is committed to fuelling its clients’ growth through tailored services that boost their competitiveness. The company pledges to deliver inventive, adaptable, and dependable solutions, centring on strategic drivers in tune with customer requirements.

These drivers embody a dedication to bolstering international growth, bringing forth state-of-the-art solutions, offering highly valuable expertise, elevating customer encounters, and endorsing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) alongside Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment (QHSE) endeavours.

Fuelled by a relentless pursuit of enhancement and optimization, Bolloré Logistics weaves these principles into its essence. Operating in 146 nations with 83 partners, the company boasts 358 locations and a formidable team of 15,000 employees. Their service offerings encompass multimodal transport, trade compliance, contract logistics, global supply chain, industrial projects, and e-commerce.

Bolloré Logistics thrives across various sectors thanks to specialized expertise supported by an extensive network, tailor-made tools, and effective logistics methodologies. The organization’s hiring approach aligns seamlessly with the Bolloré Group values-diversity and equal opportunities.

Charger Logistics Inc

Professional Canadian logistics provider

Charger Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Charger Logistics provides logistics services throughout Canada, including Fortune 500 companies and small enterprises. Driven by unwavering determination, it seeks to establish itself as North America’s leading logistics service provider. Thinking creatively and embracing innovative technology allows Charger Logistics to tackle the ever-present need for efficient and affordable logistics solutions. It focuses steadily on improving services and enhancing client experiences.

Honesty and transparency serve as solid foundations for Charger Logistics’ progress. Customer feedback is valued highly as the company endeavours to understand each client’s unique needs. This is done by promoting a culture of excellent service and mutually beneficial partnerships. Charger maintains its promise of cost-effective solutions, avoiding hidden fees or surprise charges upon agreement.

With safety being a top priority, Charger Logistics maintains the safest cargo fleet on the roads. This is reinforced by an entire department ensuring driver and cargo load security. By complying with Canadian and American safety regulations and participating in C-TPAT membership, Charger Logistics works beyond borders to protect everyone involved in international trade by fortifying the supply chain and implementing best-in-class security measures.

18 Wheels Logistics

Top logistics company in Vancouver, Canada

18 Wells Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Founded over three decades ago, 18 Wheels Logistics has evolved in the Vancouver warehouse landscape. Through its proficiency in warehousing, co-packing, e-commerce fulfillment, and transportation, the firm caters to an eclectic mix of clients, including renowned companies from various industries. With an ambitious vision to become a trusted leader in world-class supply chain solutions, 18 Wheels Logistics’ mission centres on delivering top-notch warehousing, co-packing, and transportation services.

Five strategic pillars support 18 Wheels Logistics’ emphasis on long-term sustainability while constantly upgrading its infrastructure. The company’s dedication to re-engineering leads to well-structured processes that embody perpetual progress and operational effectiveness. By specializing in specific market segments, they pave the way for unrivaled expertise. In addition, the essence of technology leadership is deeply rooted within the company, as their proprietary software automates processes and delivers valuable solutions.


Top logistics company in Canada

ADLI Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

ADLI is one of the top logistics companies in Canada. It has masterfully crafted proficiency in building streamlined supply chains, conceiving inventive transportation and distribution approaches, and attentively catering to each client’s unique needs. The company assesses, recommends, implements, and supervises intricate supply chains thoughtfully tailored to match the particular demands of its varied clientele.

ADLI recognizes the ever-changing nature of supply chain dynamics. They realize that once-optimal solutions may need adjustments to remain effective. The company’s ability to adapt supply chains results in shorter transit times, decreased transportation costs, and refined data management for maximizing efficiency. Although transactional aspects are components of ADLI’s business framework, its value radiates from tailored solutions born out of a profound understanding of each transportation and distribution situation.

ADLI shines in a trio of strengths revolving around transportation, warehousing, and distribution. Frequently, clients engage ADLI for a mix of services such as LTL transportation within Canada or across the Canada/USA border. In addition, ADLI offers warehousing at their GTA facilities, and Canadian sales of industrial and consumer products through their hubs in Toronto.

It’s worth mentioning that ADLI’s expertise stretches to hazardous goods and related industries like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. Functioning as an outsourced supply chain solution, the company offers its clients tranquillity by seamlessly integrating with its management teams. It is also an all-inclusive resource for shipping, distribution, and storage needs.

D4 Logistics

Top Canadian logistics & transport company

D4 Logistics is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

D4 Logistics has quickly become one of Canada’s foremost logistics and transport companies. Their team of savvy experts consistently surpasses customer expectations in business ventures. They place customer satisfaction and dedication at the top of their priority list, forging collaborations through cost-effective, adaptable solutions and timely deliveries.

With its outstanding fleet, dependable drivers, and top-notch carriers, D4 stands apart from other Canadian trucking companies. It uses advanced technology to tackle potential disruptions such as inclement weather, traffic jams, or additional pickups and drop-offs. In addition, their drivers prioritize secure and efficient routes for timely deliveries. Their unwavering professional team ensures punctual deliveries with the right equipment, regardless of shipment complexity.

D4 Logistics offers unique, customized over-the-road and tracking solutions. Their offerings cater to diverse supply chain requirements while exemplifying outstanding service and punctuality without compromising environmental consciousness. Their commitment to safe and secure practices and real-time tracking and updates earns them high regard as a reputable trucking company.

Philburn Inc

Best logistics company in Atlantic Canada

Philburn is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Philburn Inc. is one of the leading logistics companies in Atlantic Canada. The company focuses on transportation services, specializing in LTL and TL services to and from destinations in Canada and the United States. Most notably, Philburn maintains an unwavering commitment to its core business within the Atlantic Provinces, comprising Newfoundland and Labrador.

The Philburn team has always valued investing in state-of-the-art logistics trailers to ensure careful handling of all shipments and unblemished arrival at their final destinations. The company’s mission is deeply rooted in meeting all customer needs, no matter how intricate, while providing exceptional service at all times. To honour this commitment, Philburn continuously assesses its processes by actively seeking customer feedback and adapting promptly to fulfill their demands.

Philburn’s dedication to dependability has cultivated an environment where clients entrust a comprehensive scope of services. From securely storing products within their warehouse facilities to utilizing advanced software for product tracking and ensuring prompt and safe delivery, customers count on Philburn’s consistent reassurance.

Titan Transline

Good Canadian & American logistics provider

Titan Transline is one of the best logistics companies in Canada.

Titan Transline offers freight solutions across Canada and the United States, providing trucking, logistics, and warehouse solutions. They set themselves apart in the industry by emphasizing top-notch service through efficient strategies, steadfast dedication, and a keen eye for detail. Their pledge to delivering outstanding value is evident in their economic logistical planning, aimed at fostering the growth of the businesses they support.

Equipped with cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art technology, Titan Transline executes daily operations seamlessly, maintaining strong work ethics while setting benchmarks for success. Their wide-ranging services include oversized transport, container and port transfers, project freight management, flatbed and specialty equipment transportation. Spanning all corners of North America, Titan Transline’s extensive network assures prompt and reliable product transportation at competitive rates.

More than just offering consistent cross-border transport solutions, Titan Transline excels in hotshot trucking, transporting fragile and time-sensitive loads with dedication: LTL and FTL services, temperature-regulated shipments, oversized cargo handling, and tradeshow logistics. Frequent updates and a strong expertise foundation pave the way for the secure handling of each shipment. This solidifies Titan Transline’s dedication to clients’ business endeavours and product journeys.

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