Biggest Festivals in Canada

The biggest festivals in Canada include Toronto International Film Festival, Carnaval de Quebec, and Calgary Stampede.

Canada’s festivals brilliantly display the country’s diverse cultural mosaic. These lively gatherings unite people from various backgrounds to honour their shared histories, customs, and artistic talents. From Toronto’s energetic Caribbean Carnival to Montreal’s Light Festival, Canadian festivals offer a stage for self-expression, storytelling, and connections.

Festivals in Canada cultivate togetherness and harmony among participants, promoting cultural understanding. Additionally, festivals benefit local economies by attracting tourists and aiding small businesses. Furthermore, festival-goers can savour various mouth-watering cuisines, marvel at captivating art displays, and enjoy memorable performances.

Here is a list of the biggest festivals in Canada.

When are the biggest festivals in Canada?

The biggest Canadian festivals include Canadian Tulip Festival, Vancouver International Film Festival, and Winterlude.

Here are the biggest Canadian festivals each month:

Carnaval de QuébecJanuary
Vancouver International Wine FestivalMarch
Canadian Music WeekApril
Canadian Tulip FestivalMay
Luminato FestivalJune
Calgary StampedeJuly
Edmonton Folk Music FestivalAugust
Toronto International Film FestivalSeptember
Vancouver International Film FestivalOctober
Royal Agricultural Winter FairNovember
Toronto Christmas MarketDecember

List of biggest festivals in Canada

  1. Carnaval de Québec
  2. Winterlude
  3. Vancouver International Wine Festival
  4. Canadian Music Week
  5. Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival
  6. Canadian Tulip Festival
  7. Luminato Festival
  8. Calgary Stampede
  9. Montreal International Jazz Festival
  10. Edmonton Folk Music Festival
  11. Great Canadian Beer Festival
  12. Toronto International Film Festival
  13. Vancouver International Film Festival
  14. Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
  15. Toronto Christmas Market

Carnaval de Québec

January festival in Quebec, Canada

Carnaval de Québec is one of the biggest festivals in Quebec, Canada.

Carnaval de Québec, commonly known as Carnaval, is a distinguished winter festival in Quebec. With a rich past tracing back to 1955, this event has firmly rooted itself as an emblem of Quebecois culture and exuberance. As time passes, Carnaval de Québec has become one of North America’s most prominent winter celebrations.

Carnaval de Québec turns the city into a magical winter haven. This Canadian festival brims with delightful activities and celebrations. From the captivating ice sculptures adorning the festival area to the thrilling ice canoe races on the frosty St. Lawrence River, Carnaval displays the notable mix of Quebec’s cultural legacy and its passion for all things winter. This exceptional event unites people to revel in the season’s pleasures, offering numerous outdoor escapades, culinary delights, and musical performances that warm attendees’ hearts.


February festival in Ottawa, Canada

Winterlude is one of the festivals in Ottawa, Canada.

Winterlude, Canada’s cherished winter festival, occurs annually in the country’s capital region, encompassing Ottawa and Gatineau. With a rich history dating back decades, Winterlude has integrated itself into Canadian winters. Established to appreciate the allure and appeal of the cold season, the festival highlights the distinct Canadian spirit that flourishes in freezing conditions.

Winterlude’s origins reached the 1970s, and since then, it has evolved into an iconic event that attracts residents and visitors. The festival transforms the picturesque Rideau Canal Skateway into the biggest outdoor skating rink worldwide. It offers an enchanting experience for ice skaters of all levels. The awe-inspiring ice sculptures adorning Confederation Park inspire creativity among visitors, while the glittering spectacle of the Winterlude Snowflake Kingdom at Jacques-Cartier Park delivers thrilling family activities.

Vancouver International Wine Festival

March festival in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver International Wine Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver International Wine Festival (often shortened to VIWF) has occurred in the lively city of Vancouver for numerous years. Initiated to honour wine’s cultural importance, this festival has become one of North America’s most notable wine events. With its roots dating back to the 1970s, VIWF has consistently developed, drawing in wine specialists, experts, and industry professionals from across the globe.

The festival unites winemakers, vineyard proprietors, and wine enthusiasts in a friendly environment. Its wide-ranging assortment of wines from diverse regions and its varied lineup of tastings, seminars, and culinary adventures make it a singular opportunity to delve into wine. Whether you’re an experienced oenophile or a budding wine enthusiast, VIWF presents a stage for uncovering new varieties, gaining expert insights, and savouring food pairings.

Canadian Music Week

April festival in Toronto, Canada

Canadian Music Week is one of the biggest festivals in Toronto, Canada.

The Canadian Music Festival (CMW) presents a varied musical assortment that covers multiple genres, such as rock, pop, hip-hop, and electronic. This mix allows fans to explore numerous musical styles while discovering upcoming talents. Besides live shows, CMW organizes a music industry conference. The event allows industry professionals to participate in conversations, workshops, and panels discussing the latest trends and technologies.

CMW is renowned for its outstanding networking possibilities. Musicians, artists, and insiders can interact, join forces, and establish meaningful connections with compatible individuals. Additionally, CMW is deeply dedicated to highlighting emerging artists and facilitating their exposure. The festival offers a springboard for budding musicians to perform in front of diverse and keen audiences. While having its roots in Canada, CMW draws participants and visitors worldwide, transforming it into an international centre for music industry experts.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival

April festival in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival draws thousands to Vancouver each spring. Established in appreciation of cherry blossoms’ fleeting grace, this festival has become a treasured custom in the region. With roots reaching back to 2005, the Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival has consistently gained popularity, winning over residents and tourists.

Vancouver Cherry Blossom Festival turns the city into a living artwork adorned with tender pink and white petals. The festival’s diverse lineup of events, such as cherry blossom viewing picnics, poetry recitals, and musical performances. It invites participants to lose themselves in this glorious and peaceful experience.

Canadian Tulip Festival

May festival in Ottawa, Canada

Canadian Tulip Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Ottawa, Canada.

Each spring, the Canadian Tulip Festival adorns Ottawa and other Canadian locations with a magnificent event. Stemming from the Netherlands’ generous gift of tulips to Canada as a token of friendship, this festival has an impressive history dating back to 1953. This event symbolizes the lasting connection between Canada and the Netherlands.

Over time, the Canadian Tulip Festival has blossomed into a cherished tradition. Millions of blooming tulips transform the surrounding area into a lively expanse of brilliant hues. The festival’s tulip beds are carefully designed and managed, crafting a stunning sight that lures visitors from across the globe. In addition to captivating floral displays, the Canadian Tulip Festival offers a range of cultural events, such as music performances, art exhibits, and educational programs.

Luminato Festival

June festival in Toronto, Canada

Luminato Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Toronto, Canada.

The Luminato Festival is a prominent cultural festival in Toronto. Since its founding, Luminato has tested the limits of imagination and originality within the festival scene. Launched in 2007, it became one of Canada’s top arts festivals. It draws inspiration from Toronto’s lively cultural diversity and rich artistic legacy.

With a purpose to showcase and champion the arts, Luminato has consistently adapted to encompass a broad range of artistic fields. The festival acts as a vibrant platform for both up-and-coming and renowned artists to showcase their work, nurturing an atmosphere of creative discovery and collaboration.

Calgary Stampede

July festival in Calgary, Canada

Calgary Stampede is one of the biggest festivals in Calgary, Canada.

The Calgary Stampede is often called “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”. This world-famous festival is deeply ingrained in Western Canadian heritage. Its origins date back to 1912. The Calgary Stampede has a rich history as a festival honouring rodeos, agriculture, and Western culture. In addition to the action-filled events, the Calgary Stampede features a fantastic selection of musical performances, carnival attractions, and delicious cuisine options.

The Calgary Stampede merges exhilarating rodeo contests, entertainment, agricultural exhibitions, and a lively carnival ambiance. The festival allows guests to experience the adrenaline-pumping thrill of rodeo activities such as bull riding and chuckwagon races while highlighting the region’s solid agricultural heritage through displays and competitions.

Montreal International Jazz Festival

July festival in Montreal, Canada

Montreal International Jazz Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Montreal, Canada.

The Montreal International Jazz Festival is the largest jazz festival on the planet. Esteemed jazz musicians and fans flock worldwide, transforming this event into a jazz music haven. Fusing various stylistic expressions, the festival centres around jazz. It also features other genres like blues, world music, funk, and more.

One of the standout characteristics of Jazz Fest is its iconic outdoor performances staged in the pulsing heart of Montreal’s downtown. With free open-air concerts on its main stage, the festival cultivates a lively and inviting ambience that energizes the city. Jazz Fest is renowned for forging collaborations between legendary jazz musicians and artists from different musical realms. In addition to showcasing established artists, the festival offers emerging talent the opportunity to step into the limelight on a global platform.

Edmonton Folk Music Festival

August festival in Edmonton, Canada

Edmonton Folk Music Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Edmonton, Canada.

A cherished event in Edmonton’s cultural landscape, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival has carried a storied legacy since its founding in 1980. It is a beloved part of the city’s artistic milieu while honouring folk music. With an intriguing blend of worldwide folk and roots musicians, the festival showcases seasoned artists alongside budding newcomers. Emphasizing community involvement and inclusiveness, the Edmonton Folk Music Festival creates a family-oriented environment with fun activities catering to all age groups. The festival presents workshops, sessions, and collaborative endeavours among artists, nurturing an environment of cultural exchange and imaginative discovery.

Great Canadian Beer Festival

September festival in Victoria, Canada

Great Canadian Beer Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Victoria, Canada.

The Great Canadian Beer Festival is an outstanding event that pays homage to craft beer. Showcasing a vast and diverse collection of artisan brews from breweries all over Canada, the festival offers attendees the chance to sample numerous unique and imaginative beers. It presents rare and limited-edition brews, giving attendees a one-of-a-kind opportunity to discover fresh flavours.

In addition to beer, the festival emphasizes beer and food combinations. Attendees can relish various culinary delights, including food trucks and vendors serving dishes that perfectly complement the available beers. The Great Canadian Beer Festival also cultivates a strong sense of community and friendship. It unites brewers, connoisseurs, and industry professionals in an energetic and friendly atmosphere.

Toronto International Film Festival

September festival in Toronto, Canada

Toronto International Film Festival is one of the biggest festivals in Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto International Film Festival, affectionately known as TIFF, has firmly established itself as a dominant force within the global cinematic landscape and film festival circuit. Centrally located in Toronto, Ontario, this esteemed event has kept its promise of highlighting diverse cinematic voices. It features well-established directors and upcoming talents.

The Toronto International Film Festival is distinguished by its capacity to curate an extraordinary assortment of films thoughtfully. This assortment encompasses human experiences’ complexity and variety. The festival’s meticulously crafted lineup presents various genres, cultures, and viewpoints.

Besides functioning as an extensive cinema display, TIFF has also emerged as a vital centre for industry professionals. This is done by providing opportunities for networking, workshops, and forums that fuel discussions pertinent to cinema’s future. It is an esteemed festival for filmmakers, critics, and viewers worldwide.

Vancouver International Film Festival

October festival in Vancouver, Canada

Vancouver International Film Festival is one of the biggest festivals in vancouver, Canada.

The Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) has flourished into a renowned and esteemed cultural celebration within Vancouver, British Columbia. Returning to its genesis in 1982, VIFF has championed the cinematic arts, nurturing an enriched appreciation for international films.

Located along Canada’s picturesque western shores, this festival has expanded into one of North America’s most prominent and influential film events. At the heart of VIFF is an unwavering dedication to filmmaking craft. This festival provides a stage for emerging and experienced filmmakers to share their narratives with a broad audience.

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair

November festival in Toronto, Canada

Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is one of the biggest festivals in Toronto, Canada.

The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair holds a special place in Canada’s agricultural heritage. Since its inception in 1922, this prestigious event has consistently honoured and celebrated the nation’s rich agricultural accomplishments and farming techniques. The best Canadian farms look forward to attending this festival.

The festival’s main draw lies in its impressive livestock exhibitions. These dedicated spaces allow farmers and breeders to proudly display their award-winning cattle, horses, sheep, and other farm animals. In the agricultural community, recognition from the Royal livestock contests carries significant weight.

In addition to livestock, the Royal presents many diverse agricultural exhibits. It features cutting-edge farm equipment, innovative products, and enlightening displays. The Royal also hosts exciting equestrian events, such as show jumping, dressage, and thrilling rodeo competitions.

Toronto Christmas Market

December festival in Toronto, Canada

Toronto Christmas Market is one of the biggest winter festivals in Toronto, Canada.

The Toronto Christmas Market is a beloved holiday festival. Designed to embody the seasonal spirit, the market has become a treasured experience for locals and tourists alike. Over time, the Toronto Christmas Market has transformed into one of the city’s top winter events, creating an enchanting environment that mirrors European Christmas markets.

The Toronto Christmas Market showcases distinctive and handmade gifts, seasonal delicacies, and spiced wine. The event unites crafters, culinary experts, and entertainers to commemorate the holiday season and spread delight throughout Toronto. Located within the historic Distillery Historic District, this festival has become an adored destination representing the coziness and allure of the festive season. Decked out with countless gleaming lights and yuletide accessories, the market’s striking décor creates a charming atmosphere epitomizing the Christmas spirit.

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