Most Famous Canadian Painters

The most famous Canadian painters include Emily Carr, Lawren Harris, Tom Thomson, and Kenojuak Ashevak.

Famous Canadian painters are gifted artists who utilize a variety of mediums to express their creativity. They breathe life into their distinctive perspectives on canvas, crafting striking visual portrayals of the nation’s natural splendour, urban scenery, and cultural legacy. Through their art, Canadian painters allow viewers to connect with their past and modern identity.

The greatest painters from Canada are recognized for their remarkable aptitude for expressing emotion and narrating stories through their artwork. Their ability to capture light, colour, and texture details sets them apart. Often inspired by Canada’s multicultural communities, they create works that resonate with a broad audience.

Canadian painters consistently refine their skills, seeking fresh artistic expression while pushing their imagination limits. A deep connection to their origins, combined with an openness to explore novel ideas, enables them to craft artwork that represents their identity.

Discover our list of the most famous Canadian painters and artists.

What makes the best painters?

The best painters and artists in Canada must be creative.

We’ll judge the top Canadian painters based on these criteria:


Creativity is the ability to infuse life into artworks. Novel concepts and inventive methods enable artists to break barriers, crafting masterpieces that engage observers. These artists bring a distinctive outlook to their paintings through creativity, making their artwork stand out.


Artists manipulate their brushes to create artwork with texture, depth, and emotional appeal. This skill lets them reveal complex details and inject vitality into their pieces.


Composition is the ability to arrange elements within masterpieces skillfully. It directs how each component unites to create a visually appealing and coherent piece. An expertly composed painting attracts the viewer’s attention, leads their eyes across the artwork, and provokes emotional reactions.


Artists are talented in giving raw voice to deeply personal feelings and thoughts. Expression elevates paintings beyond mere visual depiction into powerful channels for engaging observers emotionally.

List of famous Canadian painters

  1. Lawren Harris
  2. Emily Carr
  3. Tom Thomson
  4. Kenojuak Ashevak
  5. Alex Janvier
  6. Daphne Odjig
  7. Alex Colville
  8. A. Y. Jackson
  9. Paul-Émile Borduas
  10. Rita Letendre
  11. Peter Doig
  12. Wanda Koop
  13. Jeff Wall
  14. Edward Burtynsky
  15. Shuvinai Ashoona
  16. Doris McCarthy
  17. Molly Lamb Bobak
  18. Marcel Dzama
  19. Tim Okamura
  20. Tomori Nagamoto

Lawren Harris

Famous 20th-century Canadian painter

Lawren Harris is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Lawren Harris is one of the most famous Canadian artists of all time. As a co-founder of the influential Group of Seven, he played a pivotal role in defining Canadian art during the 20th century. Together with his esteemed colleagues, he portrayed Canada’s rugged charm. Their united ambition was to cultivate a uniquely Canadian artistic identity that showcased the nation’s diverse and vast landscapes.

In his creative journey, Lawren evolved from adhering to traditional landscape painting principles to embracing a more abstract and spiritual approach in his later works. This transformational period saw him infusing his art with geometric forms and vivid colours. He strived to encapsulate the deep spiritual essence he discerned in the Canadian landscape. This change signified a remarkable shift in his artistic style, establishing him as an artist who consistently pursued innovative self-expression.

Lawren’s artistic curiosity also encompasses his acclaimed Mystical Landscapes series. This collection delved into nature’s metaphysical dimensions, allowing viewers to glimpse the artist’s spiritual bond with the Canadian wilderness. His paintings from this time are admired for their singular blend of abstraction and spirituality. They forge a novel visual language that expresses the profound allure of the Canadian landscape in an intimately spiritual manner.

Emily Carr

Famous 20th-century Indigenous Canadian painter

Emily Carr is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Emily Carr made a lasting impact on the art world. Her artwork, defined by depictions of Indigenous totem poles, villages, and British Columbia’s breathtaking landscapes, pioneered Indigenous art and heritage recognition. Her prowess in connecting cultures through her strokes proved her unparalleled artistic vision.

Emily’s maturation as an artist was signified by her shift towards a Post-Impressionist style, a stark contrast to her previous work. She demonstrated her artistic evolution by adopting vivid colours, intense brushwork, and a pursuit to encapsulate the emotional core of the landscapes she painted.

Emily’s solo exhibition at London’s Grosvenor Gallery in 1913 proves she has established herself as a formidable artist. This international display of her masterpieces showcased them to a worldwide audience and highlighted her significance in art.

In addition to her remarkable artistic accomplishments, Emily Carr is one of the most famous Canadian authors. Her autobiography Klee Wyck won the Governor General’s Award for Literature. Through her written works, she offered valuable perspectives into her life, artistic creations, and interactions with Indigenous communities.

Tom Thomson

Famous 20th-century Canadian painter

Tom Thomson is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Tom Thomson is lauded for his trailblazing contributions to Canada’s art scene. He is also recognized for his pivotal influence on the Group of Seven. His unmistakable style and dynamic landscapes paved the way for a distinctly Canadian painting perspective. Algonquin Park’s untouched beauty played a crucial role in Thomson’s artistic development and piqued his creativity with its stunning wilderness.

Thomson’s extraordinary painting approach featured striking and spirited brushstrokes, setting him apart from fellow artists. This secured his prominence in Canadian art. Sadly, his life was cut short under enigmatic circumstances during a 1917 canoe trip to Algonquin Park. Although lasting merely five years, Thomson’s succinct yet profound oeuvre continues to draw admiration from art lovers and fellow creators.

Kenojuak Ashevak

Famous Inuit Canadian painter

Kenojuak Ashevak is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Kenojuak Ashevak is a highly respected figure in Inuit art. She is celebrated for various distinctive features of her life and artistic endeavours. As a trailblazer in the Inuit art world, Kenojuak left an unforgettable imprint through her remarkable skills in printmaking and drawing. Deeply rooted in her Inuit background, her artwork attracted international praise.

Kenojuak’s inventive brilliance was highlighted by her groundbreaking printmaking methods. Her artwork, marked by elaborate patterns and vivid hues, exhibited an exceptional creative identity that set her apart. She merged tradition and innovation with remarkable finesse, transcending Inuit art’s limits. One of her most enduring legacies is the iconic Enchanted Owl print. This is a masterpiece intertwined with Inuit art and culture. It graces Canadian postage stamps and strikes a chord with viewers worldwide.

Alex Janvier

Famous Indigenous Canadian abstract artist

Alex Janvier is a famous Canadian Indigenous artist.
Wikimedia Commons

Alex Janvier is one of the most famous Indigenous Canadians. His exceptional talent for blending Indigenous cultural components into his artwork distinguishes him. Inspired by the traditions of the Dene Suline and Saulteaux tribes, his creations pay profound tribute to Indigenous heritage, spirituality, and customs. Through his art, he skillfully intertwines his cultural origins’ visual and symbolic language.

Often described as an abstract expressionist, Alex’s artistic approach has left a lasting impression in this genre. His paintings exhibit striking colours, elaborate geometric patterns, and dynamic arrangements. These features represent his unique perspective on abstract art, an area of international acclaim. Beyond aesthetics, his artwork is a potent channel for delving into Indigenous identity, history, and present-day challenges.

Furthermore, Alex Janvier’s personal story is shaped by his experiences as a residential school survivor – a sombre chapter in Canada’s past. His art has evolved into a platform for addressing residential schools’ historical consequences and facilitating healing among Indigenous communities. Through his powerful paintings, he confronts past traumas while endorsing resilience and cultural rejuvenation.

Daphne Odjig

Famous Indigenous Canadian female painter

Daphne Odjig is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Daphne Odjig is a highly respected figure in Canada’s Indigenous art scene. Her trailblazing spirit is unmistakable, as she played a significant role in Indigenous art movements’ growth. Daphne’s vision was crucial in steering Indigenous art toward national and international recognition, allowing it to thrive.

Daphne’s artistry is defined by her innovative style that seamlessly marries Indigenous and contemporary influences. Her canvas springs to life with vibrant hues, fluid lines, and evocative symbols. They bridge the gap between ancient Indigenous art forms and the contemporary world. This unique flair sets her apart as an artist and displays her exceptional ability to communicate deep cultural and spiritual stories through her work.

Furthermore, Daphne Odjig’s unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting Indigenous culture remains a significant component of her legacy. Her paintings are visual chronicles of Aboriginal tales, legends, and spirituality. They offer a channel for cultural expression and ensure Indigenous heritage remains accessible for future generations.

Alex Colville

Famous 20th-century Canadian precisionist artist

Alex Colville is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Alex Colville is a famous 20th-century Canadian artist. His artistic flair was characterized by precision and focus on detail, setting him apart from his contemporaries. His paintings portray careful arrangements and exquisite subjects, radiating tranquillity. This precision realism enabled him to depict ordinary, everyday moments in a manner that transformed them into something extraordinary.

One of Alex’s most emblematic paintings is his legendary painting, “Horse and Train.” This magnum opus is revered for its enigmatic essence, displaying a sprinting horse contrasted with a distant, foreboding locomotive. The painting beguiles spectators with its profound and evocative symbolism.

Beyond his artwork, Alex’s contributions included war documentation during the Second World War. He served as an official war artist, shedding light on Canadian troops’ experiences through his unique lens. His artistic influence expanded beyond the canvas. Filmmakers like Atom Egoyan found inspiration in his work, further cementing his legacy in Canadian culture.

A. Y. Jackson

A. Y. Jackson is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

A. Y. Jackson is one of the founding members of the Group of Seven. Their audacious and inventive approach to landscape painting revolutionized Canadian art. Jackson’s fondness for northern landscapes is a quintessential feature of his work. His daring expeditions into isolated areas, such as the Arctic and northern Quebec, enabled him to craft artworks that were more than just visual documentation. Instead, they were poetic manifestations of Canada’s immense and unspoiled wilderness.

He bridged the divide between urban life and wild spaces through his artwork. He offered a window into Indigenous communities and their deep-rooted connection to the land. Furthermore, A. Y. Jackson’s devotion to en plein air painting showcased his commitment to capturing the essence of the landscapes he encountered in real-time. This technique allowed him to imbue his paintings with Canada’s hinterland’s lively energy and genuine spirit.

In addition, Jackson’s position as a World War I official war artist constituted a significant segment of his career. His wartime artwork offered a visual account of Canadian soldiers’ experiences on the front lines. It depicted their challenges and sacrifices with nuance and empathy.

Paul-Émile Borduas

Famous 20th-century Canadian abstract artist

Paul-Émile Borduas is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Paul-Émile Borduas is a crucial figure in Canadian art. His command of the Automatiste movement marked a daring break from age-old customs. He spearheaded a revolutionary change in creative expression along with his artistic compatriots. He shakes off traditional constraints to find uncharted forms of abstraction and imagination.

Paul-Émile’s contribution to the trailblazing Refus Global manifesto cements his legacy. This brave declaration, signed in 1948, boldly confronted conservative and religious norms dominating Quebec society. Paul-Émile and his contemporaries called for a more unrestrained and open-minded attitude towards art and culture. Their manifesto ignited a cultural rebellion, paving the way for significant societal transformation.

After Refus Global, Paul-Émile Borduas encountered opposition from Quebec’s heritage-minded circles, ultimately leading to his exile. In 1953, he voluntarily headed to New York City, where he produced and displayed his artwork. This phase of his life brought him face-to-face with the Abstract Expressionist movement, profoundly impacting his artistic approach. Under its sway, he integrated abstract ideas and emotional expression into his work, broadening his artistic prowess.

Rita Letendre

Famous Canadian kinetic artist

Rita Letendre is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Rita Letendre distinguishes herself through several aspects of her life and artistic prowess. Her creative approach is defined by her audacious and lively expressions, featuring dynamic compositions infused with vigour and emotion. Her paintings throb with intense colours and striking brushstrokes, capturing the essence of Abstract Expressionism while leaving an indelible visual impression.

Her early influences profoundly influenced Rita’s artistic development. Growing up in a family that appreciated art and participating in the church choir fostered a strong connection to spirituality and art. This foundation later emerged in her work as she delved into themes encompassing spirituality and cultural identity.

Rita’s rich bicultural identity, rooted in her blended French and Indigenous (Abenaki) ancestry, lends depth and intricacy to her creations. Her artwork examines the melding of Indigenous and European influences. She bridges cultural divides and encourages conversation between traditions.

Peter Doig

Famous Scottish Canadian painter

Peter Doig is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Peter Doig is a prominent Canadian painter. His craftsmanship skillfully straddles between reality and fantasy, giving spectators a peek into his distinctive perception. Peter’s creations whisk us to a realm where tangible and imagined environments coalesce. His expertise resides in infusing each piece with an intense sense of atmosphere and sentiment, enticing onlookers to meander through the vistas of his imagination.

Influences from the Caribbean derived from Peter’s developmental years in Trinidad and Tobago are the trademark of his artwork. These impacts emerge in his pieces by integrating Caribbean symbols and concepts, endowing his paintings with an alluring and wistful characteristic.

Peter Doig’s artistic techniques are mesmerizing, fusing conventional and avant-garde methods. His audacious use of colour, stratified brushstrokes, and elaborate textures forges richly detailed and visually stimulating canvases that lure observers into his exceptional universe.

Wanda Koop

Famous 21st-century Canadian multimedia painter

Wanda Koop is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Wanda Koop, an acclaimed Canadian artist, possesses striking versatility as a creator. Her artistic endeavours include painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, and video art. This multi-faceted approach enables her to delve into a vast spectrum of creative expressions, tailoring her craft to accommodate each project’s thematic and conceptual subtleties.

Wanda’s artwork often revolves around the dynamic interplay between urban and natural landscapes. Her masterpieces deftly encapsulate the ever-changing cityscape while examining urbanization, architectural shapes, and the intricate dance between humanity and its surroundings. Her canvases throb with city life vitality yet also pay tribute to nature’s timeless allure.

Beyond her studio pursuits, Koop has ventured into public art installations, imbuing urban areas with her exquisite creations. Her input into public art amplifies cities’ visual charm and fosters cultural discourse within these spaces.

Jeff Wall

Famous Canadian photographer and painter

Jeff Wall is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Jeff Wall is a trailblazer in contemporary art. His revolutionary contributions to photographic tableaux set him apart. His carefully staged photographs mimic movie-like scenes, defying traditional beliefs about photography as a medium to capture genuine moments. Instead, he meticulously constructs elaborate compositions, fine-tuning every detail to produce visually captivating and story-driven imagery.

The influence of cinema is another distinguishing characteristic of Jeff’s creative skill. Borrowing ideas from the silver screen, he imbues his photographs with narrative intricacy and compositional sophistication. His creations often exude a sense of storytelling, beckoning onlookers to engage with the visuals as though they’re witnessing a split second frozen in time.

This filmic realism enriches his artwork with depth and blurs the lines separating photography and painting. Furthermore, Jeff Wall’s inventive use of transparency lightboxes for showcasing his art is now synonymous with artistic brilliance. This presentation technique amplifies the photos’ aesthetic appeal, making them radiate from within and enthralling spectators with their luminosity.

Edward Burtynsky

Famous Canadian photographer and artist

Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Edward Burtynsky is a Canadian artist who looks insightfully at the nexus of human industry and nature. A key element of Edward’s artistic prowess is depicting industrial expanses on a monumental scale. With predominantly large-format photographs, he entices viewers to immerse themselves in the elaborate details of these vast settings. In doing so, he underscores the enormity and significance of industrial endeavours and their bearing on our planet.

Edward’s global outlook is another hallmark of his oeuvre. Journeying to diverse reaches of the globe, he catalogues an extensive range of industrial pursuits and ecological consequences. His discerning eye exposes the common challenges and interconnectivity that pervade contemporary society.

Furthermore, his photography transcends mere visual appreciation and is a powerful medium for environmental activism. While his images often depict ecological fallout from industrialization, they simultaneously function as a rallying cry for change.

Shuvinai Ashoona

Famous 21st-century Inuit Canadian painter

Shuvinai Ashoona is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Shuvinai Ashoona is a modern Inuit Canadian artist. Her art is deeply rooted in the Inuit artistic tradition, emerging from a family distinguished for artistic accomplishments. She effortlessly weaves her Inuit lineage and cultural background with a contemporary outlook, forging a connection between the past and present.

Drawing inspiration from her life experiences, dreams, and recollections, Shuvinai assembles an extraordinary visual narrative that connects with spectators on emotional and symbolic planes. Her art presents a glimpse into her inner realm, where the tangible world and imagination entwine in an enthralling examination of the human mind.

Shuvinai’s use of colour is courageous and vibrant, heightening her whimsical and mystical creations. Her skillful manipulation of colour amplifies the emotive force of her work, provoking a deep-rooted reaction from those who interact with her art. Beyond her drawings, Shuvinai’s adaptability as an artist spans other mediums, such as printmaking and sculpting.

Doris McCarthy

Famous Canadian expressionist painter

Doris McCarthy is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Doris McCarthy had a flourishing painting career that spanned into her late 90s. She emerged as a revered icon recognized for her steadfast commitment to her craft. Her perseverance enabled her to generate an extensive work collection. She inspired both aspiring artists and fans alike.

Doris’s artistic expression is characterized by her nimble style. Throughout her career, she courageously delved into various stylistic realms, including Impressionism, Expressionism, and abstraction. This eagerness to investigate and transform allowed her to push her imagination constantly.
Doris McCarthy’s art often inspired Ontario’s picturesque landscapes, especially the awe-inspiring allure of the Scarborough Bluffs. She captures the city of Toronto, one of the most livable cities in Canada, with sophisticated grandeur. Her talent for encapsulating the spirit of these natural wonders, imbuing them with her distinctive creative vision, has cemented an enduring legacy in Canadian art history.

Molly Lamb Bobak

Famous 20th-century Canadian wartime painter

Molly Lamb Bobak is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Molly Lamb Bobak is a trailblazing figure in 20th-century Canadian art history. She was the first female Canadian war artist during World War II, a significant milestone in her career. Through her artistic lens, she documented the experiences of Canadian servicemen and women. She offered a touching and genuine perspective and delivered priceless visual insights into the war’s effect on individuals.

Molly’s creative lineage is equally fascinating. Coming from a family of artists, such as her father, Harold Mortimer Lamb, a well-known Canadian artist, her upbringing was filled with creativity. This artistic heritage fostered her early interest in art and established a supportive environment for her emerging talents. Molly’s artistry includes embracing diverse artistic styles throughout her career. From realism to impressionism and abstraction, she fearlessly delved into various forms of expression.

Molly’s art celebrated the simple beauty found in everyday life. Her paintings depict ordinary people engaged in their daily routines, infusing these moments with nostalgia and respect for the ordinary. As a result, her art gained a distinct and relatable aspect that connected with viewers.

Marcel Dzama

Famous 21st-century Canadian surreal painter

Marcel Dzama is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Marcel Dzama is a famous Canadian painter. His artistic identity dwells in surreal and story-driven art. His masterpieces escort observers to fanciful and occasionally cryptic realms where figures adorn costumes and masks, constructing dreamy and sometimes unsettling scenes. This remarkable storytelling aspect makes his art stand out, coaxing viewers to delve into the detailed narratives he sketches on canvas.

Drawing from a diverse array of inspirations, Dzama’s creative paintbox encompasses elements from folklore, fairy tales, mythology, and pop culture. This mingling of sources enriches his art with an intricate web of references, enhancing the complexity and fascination surrounding his narratives.

Venturing beyond visual art, Marcel Dzama has joined forces with musicians to produce album artwork and music videos for acclaimed artists. He has collaborated with Arcade Fire and Beck. Furthermore, his boundless artistic adaptability spans various mediums such as drawing, painting, sculpting, filmmaking, and costume designing.

Tim Okamura

Famous 21st-century Canadian portrait artist

Tim Okamura is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Tim Okamura is an artist of remarkable calibre, hailing from American and Canadian backgrounds. He is renowned for his extraordinary urban realism style. His artistic journey embodies a strong dedication to city living.

In Tim’s distinguished portraits, he masterfully captures people from various cultures and communities. He provides a captivating glimpse into urban life’s colourful fabric. Tim’s craftsmanship is notable for his profound connection to multiculturalism. His canvas acts as a lively mosaic, merging diverse cultural facets inspired by cities like New York, where he resides.

With each piece, Tim honours the delicate mingling of ethnicities, identities, and stories that encapsulate American and Canadian cityscapes. His art incorporates collage components that enhance texture and depth. This exclusive artistic method enriches his oeuvre, enticing spectators to delve into the complex narratives concealed beneath his paintings.

Tomori Nagamoto

Famous Asian Canadian painter

Tomori Nagamoto is a Canadian painter.
Wikimedia Commons

Tomori Nagamoto, also known as tomolennon, is one of the most famous Asian Canadians. Beginning his journey focusing on urban figurative painting, he quickly gained fame for his remarkable Sleeping Beauty series. This collection consisted of life-sized figurative portraits of dreaming girls and was proudly displayed at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre in 2007.

Tomori’s approach to art embraces dynamic partnerships with skilled fashion industry professionals, including photographers, makeup artists, hairstylists, and fashion designers. This cooperative spirit enriches his work with layers of complexity and nuance, making it an effervescent representation of city life and fashion.

In 2008, he incorporated an innovative technique into his compositions – using a ballpoint pen on parchment paper. This inventive method garnered praiseworthy acclaim and noticeable recognition when he appeared on Bravo television for his portrait of Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent.

As Tomori shifted towards photography, he explored new possibilities for articulating his artistic vision. In his Universe exhibition, he demonstrated the ability to capture youth’s dreams, aspirations, and wistfulness in large-scale photographs. This progression highlighted his artistic flexibility and visual narrative potency.

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