Highest City Elevation in Canada

The cities with the highest elevation in Canada include Lake Louise, Canmore, Banff, and Sparwood.

High-elevation cities provide an exceptional view of Canada’s natural beauty. Life in these places often comes with remarkable mountain views and crisp, fresh air from higher up. People in these cities usually enjoy outdoor activities like hiking and skiing to make the most of the stunning scenery around them.

These cities draw interest not only for their scenic settings, but also for health benefits. The thin air helps the body work better, improving heart health and overall fitness. High-altitude residents often feel peaceful and content, as the lofty surroundings promote a relaxed lifestyle.

Discover a list of Canadian cities with the highest elevation.

What is the highest city in Canada?

According to Geonames and Google Earth, Lake Louise is the highest city in Alberta at 5046 feet. Camore and Banff also rank highly with a city elevation of 4537 feet.

Here is a list of the five highest cities in Canada:

Lake Louise, Alberta5046 feet
Camore, Alberta4537 feet
Banff, Alberta4537 feet
Sparwood, British Columbia4298 feet
Waterton Lakes, Alberta4232 feet

List of highest mountains in Canada

  1. Lake Louise, Alberta – 5,046 feet
  2. Canmore, Alberta – 4,537 feet
  3. Banff, Alberta – 4,537 feet
  4. Sparwood, British Columbia – 4,298 feet
  5. Waterton Lakes, Alberta – 4,232 feet
  6. Jasper, Alberta – 3,484 feet
  7. Rossland, British Columbia – 3,215 feet
  8. Fernie, British Columbia – 3,318 feet
  9. Kimberley, British Columbia – 3,642 feet
  10. Lethbridge, Alberta – 3,047 feet
  11. Golden, British Columbia – 2,575 feet
  12. Whistler, British Columbia – 2,198 feet
  13. Nelson, British Columbia – 1,706 feet
  14. Revelstoke, British Columbia – 1,575 feet

Lake Louise, Alberta – 5,046 feet

Lake Louise is a Canadian city in Alberta.

Lake Louise is located in the Canadian Rockies in Alberta, at 5,046 feet. The city is an entry point to Lake Louise, with turquoise water surrounded by impressive mountains and glaciers. This striking scenery and the high-altitude lifestyle attract both residents and visitors.

Lake Louise’s attractiveness comes not only from its elevation but also from its seamless integration of outdoor activities like hiking and skiing. This lets people fully engage with the breathtaking surroundings.

Canmore, Alberta – 4,537 feet

Canmore is a Canadian city in Alberta.

Canmore is in Alberta and sits at 4,537 feet high. This height makes Canmore unique, allowing people to see the Canadian Rockies differently. The city’s elevation also offers beautiful views and fresh mountain air for everyone in Canmore.

Canmore’s height mixes well with outdoor activities. It’s set among majestic mountains, giving access to hiking, mountain biking, and skiing adventures. Being close to Banff National Park adds charm, letting residents explore untouched nature easily. Canmore’s lovely downtown area, surrounded by fantastic scenery, makes the city even more attractive.

Banff, Alberta – 4,537 feet

Banff is a Canadian city in Alberta.

Banff, Alberta stands at 4,537 feet tall. This high location makes the city more beautiful and offers a unique mountain experience. Many people want to visit Banff for its amazing high-altitude life.

Visitors can hike on picturesque trails, ski on soft snow, or enjoy the peaceful scenery. Banff’s elevation provides an ideal setting for outdoor lovers. The charming downtown area, with incredible mountain views, adds to the city’s appeal by offering adventure and relaxation.

Sparwood, British Columbia – 4,298 feet

Sparwood is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Sparwood has an elevation of 4,298 feet. This high-altitude town provides a serene and stimulating environment. The famous Terex Titan, one of the world’s most giant mining trucks, showcases the town’s coal mining link.

Sparwood’s industrial past and high altitude create a distinctive appeal for locals and tourists. The town is also near outdoor activities like hiking and fishing, adding to its allure. Its elevation adds to the stunning surroundings, promoting a way of life that appreciates natural beauty and industrial heritage.

Waterton Lakes, Alberta – 4,232 feet

Waterton Park is a Canadian city in Alberta.

Waterton Lakes features an elevation of 4,232 feet. Its elevation adds to the beautiful scenery without being too dominant. Visitors enjoy a relaxing environment due to the height.

Waterton Lakes is famous for the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park. Its quiet charm comes from its peaceful lakes and wildlife. With its elevation and status as a protected area, it offers a tranquil escape for those wanting to connect with nature.

Jasper, Alberta – 3,484 feet

Jasper is a Canadian city in Alberta.

Jasper sits at a height of 3,484 feet. Its elevation creates the city’s cool mountain climate. The reasonable elevation adds to a refreshing atmosphere without dominating the natural surroundings. Despite being moderately high, people living and visiting Jasper can enjoy the fresh mountain air that sets the mood for the area.

Jasper is in the Canadian Rockies, enveloped by untouched wilderness and stunning peaks. The city’s moderate elevation plays a vital part in creating a calm setting, adding to its recognition as an official Dark Sky Preserve. Jasper’s dedication to maintaining the night sky’s natural darkness attracts star watchers and nature lovers.

Rossland, British Columbia – 3,215 feet

Rossland is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Rossland sits at 3,215 feet elevation. This height gives residents and visitors a refreshing mountain environment. The views from 3,215 feet don’t overpower the city’s charming landscape but add to its appeal.

Visit Rossland, encircled by the Monashee Mountains, to experience its modest charm. The city’s elevation provides a relaxed mountain setting. Known for its historic character and outdoor activities, Rossland has much to offer.

Explore the beautiful trails or enjoy the laid-back atmosphere of the city’s heights. Rossland’s simplicity, warm community, and natural beauty make it an ideal spot for an authentic mountain getaway in British Columbia. You can visit the highest mountains in Canada from this location.

Fernie, British Columbia – 3,318 feet

Fernie is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Fernie is located at 3,318 feet. It’s a city in the Elk Valley and is an entry point for unique outdoor activities. The town allows skiing, hiking, and mountain biking. Its relaxed vibe, historic charm, and vibrant community help you feel closer to nature.

Though Fernie’s elevation might not seem significant, it helps create a one-of-a-kind mountain town that draws visitors looking for a sincere and grounded experience in British Columbia.

Kimberley, British Columbia – 3,642 feet

Kimberley is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

The elevation is a critical factor for Kimberley, a city in British Columbia situated at 3,642 feet. The city’s elevation above sea level influences its climate and atmosphere. Kimberley’s elevation gives residents and visitors fresh mountain air and impressive views. This moderate height creates a revitalizing setting while maintaining the nearby landscapes’ simplicity.

Kimberley is a lively community that stands out in different ways. The city’s elevation is just one part of its charm. Kimberley showcases its Bavarian-inspired architecture, creating a distinct style. The Platzl, a pedestrian-friendly downtown area, promotes camaraderie among locals and tourists.

Lethbridge, Alberta – 3,047 feet

Lethbridge is a Canadian city in Alberta, Canada.

Lethbridge lies at an elevation of 2,990 feet. The city’s unique landscape is elegant and simple.

Living in Lethbridge, you’ll find a place where urban and natural elements coexist. Its distinct charm sets the scene for a welcoming atmosphere. With landmarks like the High Level Bridge and Henderson Lake Park, Lethbridge combines history and beauty. The friendly community vibe and lively cultural scene make this city truly special.

Golden, British Columbia – 2,575 feet

Golden is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Golden is welcoming and special for outdoor enthusiasts. The city offers exceptional recreational opportunities at 2,522 feet above sea level.

The warm community and stunning environment make Golden an ideal destination. Though its elevation is not extremely high, it contributes to an authentic mountain experience. This attracts nature lovers and adventure seekers to appreciate the simplicity and appeal of this British Columbia location.

Whistler, British Columbia – 2,198 feet

Whistler is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Mountains surround Whistler, a famous city in British Columbia, sitting at 2,214 feet above sea level. This height makes the town a destination for mountain lovers. The elevation contributes to Whistler’s cool climate and breathtaking views of nearby peaks. Even at its altitude, the city blends effortlessly with the mountains, creating a refreshing atmosphere.

Visiting Whistler reveals a city known for its fantastic skiing opportunities and outdoor activities. In addition to skiing, the city’s walkable village offers a lively environment with shops, eateries, and cultural events. Combining its energetic nature with stunning mountain landscapes makes Whistler a famous travel spot. Elevation plays a significant role in its distinct appeal.

Nelson, British Columbia – 1,706 feet

Nelson is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Nelson is located in the Kootenay area and stands tall at 1,759 feet above sea level. This city is situated on Kootenay Lake, and its height creates a pleasant climate. The mild weather nurtures a welcoming atmosphere for locals and tourists, offering a cozy mountain experience.

Nelson is defined by its unique landscape and genuine charm. With a rich arts and heritage background, Nelson is known for its historic buildings and lively cultural scene. These heritage structures fill the quaint streets and host shops, galleries, and restaurants. The picturesque natural setting pairs well with the warm community spirit, making Nelson an attractive destination.

Revelstoke, British Columbia – 1,575 feet

Revelstoke is a Canadian city in British Columbia.

Revelstoke has an elevation of 1,680 feet. This city’s unique position showcases stunning mountain terrain and provides a cool, refreshing environment. Downtown Revelstoke’s well-preserved buildings contribute to the city’s character.

Revelstoke is well-known for its incredible Revelstoke Mountain Resort, attracting adventure lovers and winter sports fans. The stunning mountain scenery makes it an ideal skiing and snowboarding destination.

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