Highest Mountains in Canada

The highest mountains in Canada include Mount Logan, Mount Saint Elias, and Mount Lucania.

Climbing the highest mountains is an exciting activity that tests both body and spirit. People can see the world from an exclusive point few dare to experience. Besides the physical aspect, mountain climbing is an engaging journey that requires resilience, skill, and a deep love of nature’s wild beauty.

Mountain-top views, fresh mountain air, and friendship among climbers create an atmosphere that encourages adventure and shared achievement. Whether tackling a local peak or attempting a famous destination, mountain climbing becomes a life-changing quest that leaves lasting memories.

Discover the highest mountains in Canada and where they are located.

What are the tallest mountains in Canada?

According to Peakbagger and Global Mountain Explorer, Mount Logan is the tallest mountain Canada at 19,551 feet. Mount Saint Elias and Mount Lucania are also tall mountains, ranking second and third respectively.

Here is a list of the five tallest mountains in Canada:

Mountain Logan19,551 feet
Mountain Saint Elias18,008 feet
Mount Lucania17,147 feet
King Peak16,972 feet
Mount Steele16,644 feet

List of highest mountains in Canada

  1. Mount Logan – Yukon, Canada
  2. Mount Saint Elias – Yukon, Canada
  3. Mount Lucania – Yukon, Canada
  4. King Peak – Yukon, Canada
  5. Mount Steele – Yukon, Canada
  6. Mount Wood – Yukon, Canada
  7. Mount Vancouver – Yukon, Canada
  8. Mount Slaggard – Yukon, Canada
  9. Mount Walsh – Yukon, Canada
  10. Mount Forde – Yukon, Canada
  11. Mount Augusta – Yukon, Canada
  12. Mount Waddington – British Columbia, Canada
  13. Mount Queen Bess – British Columbia, Canada
  14. Mount Root – British Columbia, Canada
  15. Mount Hunt – Alberta, Canada
  16. Mount Hector – Alberta, Canada
  17. Mount Tiedemann – Alberta, Canada
  18. Mount Balfour – Alberta, Canada

Mount Logan – Yukon, Canada

Mount Logan
Wikimedia Commons

Ever checked out Mount Logan in the Yukon, Canada? It’s like the boss of the Canadian mountains, standing tall at 19,551 feet – the second-highest in North America. Also, Mount Logan is a big deal with one of the widest bases for a non-volcanic mountain globally.

Mount Saint Elias – Yukon, Canada

Mount Saint Elias
Wikimedia Commons

Check out Mount Saint Elias near the Alaska-Yukon border. It’s a real powerhouse as the second-highest mountain in Canada and the USA, reaching 18,008 feet. What’s interesting about Mount Saint Elias is that it’s part of the striking Saint Elias mountain range. This mountain defines the awe-inspiring beauty of that region.

Mount Lucania – Yukon, Canada

Mount Lucania
Wikimedia Commons

Explore Mount Lucania in the Saint Elias Mountains on the Yukon-Alaska border, standing at 17,147 feet as the third-highest peak in Canada. Its secluded location and challenging ascent make Mount Lucania a captivating find for climbers. It is a hidden gem in the Yukon territory.

King Peak – Yukon, Canada

King Peak
Wikimedia Commons

In the Yukon, Canada, King Peak reaches an impressive height of 16,972 feet, becoming the fourth-tallest mountain in the country. King Peak’s sheer elevation draws adventurous climbers to embark on a thrilling journey through the northern landscapes.

Mount Steele – Yukon, Canada

Mount Steele
Wikimedia Commons

Discover Mount Steele in the Yukon, Canada, standing at 16,644 feet as the fifth-tallest mountain in the country. Its impressive height attracts adventurous climbers seeking a wild journey in the heart of the Yukon’s wilderness.

Mount Wood – Yukon, Canada

Mount Wood
Wikimedia Commons

Located in Yukon, Mount Wood reaches a height of 15,885 feet, making it the sixth-tallest mountain in the country. Noteworthy for its significant elevation, Mount Wood provides a challenging terrain for climbers, adding an element of adventure to the Yukon’s diverse topography.

Mount Vancouver – Yukon, Canada

Mount Vancouver
Wikimedia Commons

Mount Vancouver, at an elevation of 15,787 feet, is the seventh-tallest mountain in Canada. Recognized for its significant height, it offers climbers a captivating experience and breathtaking views.

Mount Slaggard – Yukon, Canada

Mount Slaggard, found in the Saint Elias Mountains on the Yukon-Alaska border, reaches 15,554 feet. Once you’re up there, the view is breathtaking, revealing the expansive landscapes of Yukon and Alaska.

Mount Walsh – Yukon, Canada

Located in the Yukon, Canada, Mount Walsh stands at an elevation of 14,956 feet, showcasing its prominence in the region. Beyond its impressive height, Mount Walsh presents an intriguing geological landscape. It offers climbers a challenging and adventurous experience in the diverse terrain of the Yukon.

Mount Forde – Yukon, Canada

In the Yukon, Mount Forde reaches an elevation of 14,573 feet, solidifying its status as a prominent peak in the region. Mount Forde attracts climbers for its substantial height and its diverse, challenging terrain. It’s a standout destination in the rugged Yukon landscape.

Mount Augusta – Yukon, Canada

Mount Augusta, located in the Yukon, Canada, stands at 14,070 feet, making it a significant mountain. Its height and terrain attract climbers seeking adventure in the Yukon’s diverse landscapes.

Mount Waddington – British Columbia, Canada

Dominating British Columbia’s Coast Mountains, Mount Waddington is 13,186 feet tall. For adventurers, Mount Waddington beckons with impressive height and thrilling challenge.

Mount Queen Bess – British Columbia, Canada

In the Coast Mountains of British Columbia, Mount Queen Bess stands out as a notable peak in the region. With an elevation of 11,493 feet, it commands attention as a captivating feature in British Columbia’s rugged landscapes. Climbers are attracted to Mount Queen Bess, enticed by its considerable height and its challenging ascent in this picturesque area.

Mount Root – British Columbia, Canada

Mount Root is a peak in the Coast Mountains of British Columbia. Standing at 12,237 feet, it asserts itself across rugged terrains. Nature enthusiasts and explorers flock to Mount Root for its picturesque views.

Mount Hunt – Alberta, Canada

Mount Hunt stands tall at 12,248 feet, a notable peak that adds character to the landscape with its impressive height and rugged charm. Its presence draws those seeking adventure and connection with the outdoors to this picturesque setting.

Mount Hector – Alberta, Canada

Mount Hector is a prominent peak, reaching 11,135 feet in the Canadian Rockies. It offers a captivating sight for visitors. The peak attracts adventurers with its impressive height and the allure of an exciting climb in beautiful surroundings.

Mount Tiedemann – Alberta, Canada

Mount Tiedemann, standing tall at 12,625 feet in the Coast Mountains, commands attention as a prominent peak. Its elevation makes it a captivating feature in British Columbia’s picturesque landscapes. The mountain beckons those seeking adventure in the vast outdoors, promising impressive heights and breathtaking views.

Mount Balfour – Alberta, Canada

Mount Balfour boasts an elevation of 10,751 feet in the Alberta region. This mountain offers a captivating sight for nature enthusiasts and mountaineers. Its rugged terrain and impressive height contribute to the surrounding landscape.

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