Most Famous Canadian Gymnasts

The most famous Canadian gymnasts include Ellie Black, Kyle Shewfelt, and Rosie MacLennan.

Canadian gymnasts dazzle spectators with prowess across various disciplines, like floor exercise, vault, balance beam, and uneven bars. These athletes invest various hours honing their routines and nailing down complex manoeuvres. Their moves demand an impressive fusion of strength, flexibility, and exceptional coordination. The Canada gymnastic team enchants audiences with elegance and precision through their artistry and athleticism.

Gymnasts are renowned for their thorough training routines and steadfast determination. A robust work ethic enables these athletes to progress consistently and challenge their sport’s limitations. Canada’s top gymnasts exemplify an exceptional blend of extraordinary talent, unwavering dedication, and mental fortitude. They perform routines with impeccable accuracy and showcase creativity in their performances.

Additionally, elite Canadian gymnasts should be able to adapt to artistic gymnastics standards, remaining at the cutting edge of the sport. Their accomplishments inspire future generations and serve as role models for ambitious gymnasts throughout the nation. These athletes make gymnastics one of the most popular sports in Canada.

Check out our list of the most famous Canadian gymnasts.

What makes the best gymnasts?

The best athletes on the Canada gymnastics team are strong, determined, and consistent.

We’ll judge the best Canadian gymnasts based on these criteria:


The execution shows a gymnast’s command of fundamental techniques. Impeccably executed routines leave a lasting impression on judges and amplify a gymnast’s score. Perfectly executed performances exhibit control, balance, and meticulousness.


Top Canadian gymnasts incorporate artistry into routines to captivate audiences and judges alike. Elegant movements, expressive gestures, and an emotional bond with the music or theme elevate a routine from sheer athleticism to an enthralling performance. Artistry helps gymnasts distinguish themselves in a sport that appreciates athleticism and artistic expression.


Consistency guarantees gymnasts can consistently deliver outstanding performances instead of occasional flashes of brilliance. The most accomplished gymnasts maintain exceptional consistency, minimizing routine mistakes and deductions. Gymnastics requires dependability, where even one misstep can have severe consequences.


Gymnastics calls for intense physical exertion. Good endurance ensures that gymnasts can maintain peak performance throughout an entire event. It also plays a role in preventing injuries, as exhaustion can result in errors and mishaps.

List of most famous Canadian gymnasts

  1. Ellie Black
  2. Kyle Shewfelt
  3. Rosie MacLennan
  4. Rene Cournoyer
  5. Shallon Olsen
  6. Ana Padurariu
  7. Kristina Vaculik
  8. Karen Cockburn
  9. Jason Burnett
  10. Brooklyn Moors
  11. Félix Dolci
  12. Gabby May

Ellie Black

Famous Canadian gymnast from Halifax

Ellie Black is a famous gymnast from Canada.
Wikimedia Commons

Ellie Black, one of the most famous Canadian athletes, has left an everlasting impression on the gymnastics world through her extraordinary accomplishments. Her story motivates young Canadian gymnasts, especially aspiring young girls. She proves that dreams can be realized through diligence, enthusiasm, and resolve.

Ellie’s momentous journey includes becoming the first Canadian gymnast to capture an all-around medal at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, winning a silver medal in 2017. Her global achievements extend further; she proudly wore the maple leaf at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, obtaining a well-earned bronze medal in the women’s all-around contest.

Ellie’s phenomenal adaptability shines in all four artistic gymnastics events: floor routine, vault, balance beam, and uneven bars. Beyond her athletic skills, Ellie exemplifies perseverance, conquering injuries and obstacles while exhibiting devotion to the sport. Additionally, Ellie’s commitment to education is apparent as she pursues a kinesiology degree.

Kyle Shewfelt

Best Canadian gymnast from Calgary

Kyle Shewfelt is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Kyle Shewfelt is one of the most celebrated Canadian gymnasts. His most eminent accomplishment was becoming the first Canadian artistic gymnast to win a gold medal. This awe-inspiring moment he has transpired at the 2004 Athens Olympics, where he exhibited exceptional mastery in the men’s floor exercise. He enthralled the world with his vigorous tumbling passes and lively choreography.

Beyond this celebrated triumph, Kyle’s steadfast commitment to his sport propelled him to numerous World Artistic Gymnastics Championships. He displayed his prowess internationally. Kyle’s mark on history also permeates the Commonwealth Games, wherein he accumulated multiple gold medals across team and individual events.

His outstanding journey was punctuated by a remarkable return from a severe knee injury in 2007, underlining his perseverance and resolve. At present, Shewfelt’s impact endures within Canadian gymnastics circles; he remains an inspiring figure. Kyle’s lasting involvement in the sport as a mentor and coach guarantees his legacy will persist for generations.

Rosie MacLennan

Top Canadian gymnast from Toronto

Rosie MacLennan is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Rosie MacLennan shines as an extraordinary figure in Canadian gymnastics, leaving a striking legacy shaped by her outstanding accomplishments. Holding two Olympic gold medals, she established herself as a trampoline gymnastics marvel.

Rosie’s ascent to the pinnacle began with an enthralling gold medal performance at the 2012 London Olympics. This was a remarkable feat further enhanced when she defended her title by securing another gold at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics. Rosie’s historic successive Olympic gold medals marked her as the premier Canadian athlete to attain such an honour in an individual sport at the Summer Olympics.

Her prowess is not limited to Olympic arenas. Rosie’s unwavering success permeates through the World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships. She has garnered an impressive assortment of gold medals in solo and synchronized trampoline events. Her journey speaks not only of victory but also of resilience.

Grappling with injuries and concussions throughout her career, Rosie showcased exceptional determination and a knack for overcoming obstacles. Beyond her athletic triumphs, she advocates for concussion awareness and sports safety. She uses her platform to champion head injury prevention and support fellow athletes.

Rene Cournoyer

Famous Canadian gymnast from Quebec

Rene Cournoyer is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

René Cournoyer is a leading Canadian gymnastics figure characterized by numerous unique qualities and accomplishments. He’s a proud Olympic gymnast. René’s expertise in parallel bars distinguishes him as a remarkably skilled gymnast whose performances reveal grace and impressive technical accuracy.

René is recognized for weaving high-difficulty techniques and elements into his routines, showcasing his technical mastery and courage to challenge artistic gymnastics limits. At the Canadian National Championships, he consistently shined, garnering medals and cementing his status as one of the country’s most eminent gymnasts.

Shallon Olsen

Famous Canadian gymnast from Vancouver

Shallon Olsen is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Shallon Olsen is a celebrated figure on the Canadian gymnastics team. She holds a remarkable series of accomplishments that distinguish her in artistic gymnastics. Shallon’s vault expertise is widely recognized, defined by a fusion of strength and accuracy that captivates judges and onlookers alike.

The road to her triumph started early in her career when she captured gold at the Youth Olympic Games. She demonstrated exceptional talent at an early age. Her ongoing achievements are apparent internationally when she faces off against the finest gymnasts at multiple World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

Shallon’s peak success arrived at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where she seized an enviable silver medal in the women’s vault event. Beyond her aptitude for artistic gymnastics, she has excelled in trampolining, underscoring her adaptability and comprehensive athletic skills. Her accomplishments and journey are a motivational tale for young athletes, particularly budding gymnasts in Canada.

Ana Padurariu

Ana Padurariu is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Ana Padurariu has achieved numerous gymnastics accomplishments. Her crowning achievement occurred during the 2018 World Artistic Gymnastics Championships, where she secured a silver medal in the women’s all-around competition. Ana’s extraordinary abilities are especially noticeable on the balance beam. Her performances are marked by a distinct fusion of accuracy, elegance, and complexity.

Beyond concentrating on just one event, Ana Padurariu is a well-rounded gymnast who thrives in various artistic gymnastics disciplines. Her triumphs include the Commonwealth Games, where she won gold medals in the balance beam and women’s team events. In addition, Ana’s journey demonstrated resilience as she battled through injuries to return to elite competition.

Kristina Vaculik

Famous Canadian gymnast from Toronto

Kristina Vaculik is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Kristina Vaculik is a celebrated Canadian gymnast. This Olympic gymnast possesses an illustrious career that has profoundly impacted the sport. Acclaimed for her artistic gymnastics prowess, Kristina shines in various disciplines, especially with her performances on uneven bars and balance beams.

Kristina’s brilliance expands beyond the Olympic Games; she has claimed medals at the Pan American Games, playing a crucial role in elevating Canada’s presence on the global gymnastics stage. Following her stellar career, she embarked upon a fresh journey in collegiate gymnastics by competing for Stanford University in the United States.

In addition to her outstanding achievements, Kristina is revered for her leadership and mentorship within the gymnastics community. Furthermore, she has leveraged her platform to champion mental health awareness, stressing its significance in sports and all aspects of life.

Karen Cockburn

Top Canadian gymnast from Toronto, Ontario

Karen Cockburn is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Karen Cockburn makes history with her extraordinary achievements and persistence in the sport. Spanning five back-to-back Olympic Games, Karen clinched three Olympic medals, two silvers and one bronze in trampoline gymnastics. Her unwavering excellence and commitment made her one of Canada’s most celebrated trampolinists.

Besides the Olympics, Karen’s impressive medal repertoire encompasses numerous World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships. Her mastery of the sport is equally apparent at the Commonwealth Games, where she holds multiple gold medals in trampoline gymnastics.

In tribute to her timeless legacy, Karen has secured her spot in the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame and the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame. Her achievements recognize her exceptional contributions to Canadian sports and her lasting influence on trampoline gymnastics.

Jason Burnett

Famous trampoline gymnast from Toronto, Canada

Jason Burnett is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Jason Burnett, a distinguished individual in trampoline gymnastics, has made a lasting impression with his exceptional talents and unwavering performance. Specializing in this athletic discipline, Jason has proudly represented Canada at numerous Olympic Games, including the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2012 London Olympics.

Acclaimed for his imagination, Jason consistently brings fresh and inventive moves to trampoline routines, challenging the limits and setting high standards for fellow gymnasts. His resourceful approach has garnered praise and reshaped trampoline gymnastics.

On the global stage, Jason Burnett has showcased his expertise at the World Trampoline Gymnastics Championships, winning medals and solidifying his position as one of the top trampolinists worldwide. Among his most impressive achievements is being among the pioneer gymnasts to execute a triple somersault with four twists in a double backflip routine.

Brooklyn Moors

Famous Canadian gymnast from Cambridge

Brooklyn Moors is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Brooklyn Moors captures attention with her one-of-a-kind style in the gymnastics community. Brooklyn is a master of floor exercises. Her routines demonstrate her technical expertise, ingenuity, and originality. Brooklyn has established herself as a powerful contender globally, claiming medals at the World Artistic Gymnastics Championships.

At the Canadian National Championships, she consistently exhibited her prowess and expertise in artistic gymnastics. Beyond her accomplishments, Brooklyn’s distinctive style and achievements are an influential source of motivation for budding gymnasts around the globe. She inspires Canadians with her achievements.

Félix Dolci

Famous Canadian gymnast from Saint-Eustache

Felix Dolci is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Félix Dolci is a young talent from Saint-Eustache, Quebec. This athlete is making waves in Canadian gymnastics. Proudly representing the Laval Excellence Club, Félix has been an essential part of the Junior National Team since 2017. His journey in gymnastics has been nothing less than extraordinary, marked by awe-inspiring accomplishments.

In particular, Félix was crowned World Junior Champion on Rings in 2019 and acquired a Silver Medal on Floor at the 2019 Junior World Championships. The same year, he became a five-time Canadian champion. Internationally, he has proven his prowess by securing a staggering eight medals at the 2018 Austrian Future Cup and winning the Silver Medal in Rings at the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, firmly establishing himself as a top-tier gymnast.

Félix Dolci’s incredible career dates back to 2009, when he entered his first competition. Since then, he’s collected over 200 medals, countless trophies, and numerous sports honours and merits. His many accomplishments include becoming the most decorated athlete in Canada’s Winter Games history. He has amassed a total of 11 medals across two Games.

Gabby May

Famous Canadian gymnast from Winnipeg

Gabby May is a Canadian gymnast.
Wikimedia Commons

Gabby May, a talented gymnast from Winnipeg, has a remarkable journey filled with outstanding accomplishments and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Her first significant impact on the international scene came during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. In this event, she valiantly represented Canada, bringing home two bronze medals in the vault and team all-around events.

As Gabby’s career progressed, she entered the collegiate world at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), studying English. Embracing both roles of gymnast and scholar-athlete on the UIC gymnastics team, her commitment to academics and sports was indisputable. Gabby’s efforts were acknowledged as she earned the title of MIC Scholar-Athlete. In her sport, she achieved personal bests across multiple events such as vault, bars, beam, and floor, consistently delivering top-notch performances.

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