Highest Waterfalls in Canada

The highest waterfalls in Canada include Della Falls, Takakkaw Falls, and Shannon Falls.

Waterfalls are where water flows down vertically, spilling over rocks and cliffs. Gravity makes the waterfall, creating an eye-catching show. You can find them worldwide, from small ones hidden in dense forests to massive, breathtaking ones that attract many tourists.

Waterfalls are picturesque and peaceful, offering hiking or swimming activities nearby. They also help the environment by adding air to the water, supporting various water creatures and contributing to the ecosystem.

The best waterfalls should have a striking height or a large amount of flowing water, making them visually and audibly impressive. Easy access is a must, too – well-designed trails and viewpoints allow people to enjoy these natural wonders safely. The area around the falls should have diverse plants and animals for visitors to appreciate.

Discover a list of the highest waterfalls in Canada.

What are the highest falls in Canada?

According to World Waterfall Database and National Geographic, the highest falls in Canada is Della Falls at 440 metres. Takakkaw Falls is the second highest waterfalls at 373 metres, while Shannon Falls is third at 335 metres.

Here is a list of the five highest falls in Canada:

Della Falls440 metres
Takakkaw Falls373 metres
Shannon Falls335 metres
Helmcken Falls141 metres
Bridal Veil Falls122 metres

List of highest Canadian waterfalls

  1. Della Falls
  2. Takakkaw Falls
  3. Shannon Falls
  4. Helmcken Falls
  5. Bridal Veil Falls
  6. Virginia Falls
  7. Montmorency Falls
  8. Horseshoe Falls
  9. Kinuseo Falls
  10. Ribbon Falls
  11. Alexandra Falls
  12. McVeigh Falls
  13. Laughing Falls
  14. Wapta Falls
  15. Crescent Falls
  16. Tangle Falls

Della Falls

Della Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Della Falls proudly stands as Canada’s highest waterfall, showing off its notable 440 m drop within the picturesque Strathcona Provincial Park on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. The trip to Della Falls’ base is an exciting adventure through thick forests and rough terrain, offering visitors an incredible view of nature’s beauty. As the water tumbles down the cliffs, mist surrounds the area, creating a memorable experience.

In addition to its impressive height, Della Falls leads to Strathcona Provincial Park’s diverse environments, with vibrant forests and mountain meadows. Named after Josephine Della McQuillan, the falls hold historical importance, linking today’s travellers to past explorers’ adventurous spirit.

Takakkaw Falls

Takakkaw Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Takakkaw Falls is in Yoho National Park, British Columbia, amazing visitors with its stunning drop-down rugged cliffs. Falling from 373 meters, the mighty waterfall creates a misty scene. On the way to the falls, travellers walk through the picturesque wilderness on a scenic path.

As they get closer, the falls’ strength and beauty are undeniable. Surrounded by green plants and tall mountains, Takakkaw’s falling waters create an unforgettable image. The sound of rushing water adds to the incredible experience.

Connected to its glacial beginnings and changing seasons, Takakkaw Falls holds a unique charm. Water from the Daly Glacier feeds the falls, flowing more heavily in summer as the glacier melts. The name “Takakkaw” comes from the Cree language and means “it is magnificent,” which perfectly describes this wonder of nature.

Shannon Falls

Shannon Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Shannon Falls is an impressive display of natural beauty. At a height of 335 meters, the waterfall beautifully flows amidst the lush greenery of Shannon Falls Provincial Park. The falling waters create an eye-catching scene, making complex patterns as they travel down the rocky cliffs and bring a peaceful atmosphere to the area.

Besides being a gorgeous sight, Shannon Falls provides access to attractive landscapes within the Sea-to-Sky Corridor. It invites exploration through various hiking trails in the coastal rainforest.

Helmcken Falls

Helmcken Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Gracefully, Helmcken Falls catches the eye within Wells Gray Provincial Park in British Columbia. This imposing waterfall drops 141 meters, creating a beautiful and impressive sight. A constant mist surrounds the falls, adding magic to the nearby scenery.

In winter, the falls become a frozen wonder, as cascading waters form detailed ice shapes that engage the senses. Helmcken Falls, with its powerful force and seasonal changes, represents a vibrant part of the Canadian wilderness.

Helmcken Falls charms not only with its remarkable height but also with the nearby natural features that enhance its magnificence. During British Columbia’s colonial era, Helmcken was a doctor and politician. Beyond its natural beauty, Helmcken Falls contributes to the area’s geological history. It reveals the force behind landscape shaping over many years.

Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Gently flowing down the rough landscape of Bridal Veil Falls Provincial Park in British Columbia, the waterfall draws you into a fascinating connection with nature. The water moves elegantly, like a delicate bridal veil as it passes through the rocky cliffs.

Towering at 122 meters, Bridal Veil Falls attracts with its heavenly beauty, forming a peaceful oasis among vibrant greenery. The mist from the falling waters mixes with the fresh mountain air, providing a calm and energizing hug for those lucky enough to see this lovely waterfall.

Bridal Veil Falls is surrounded by calm scenery. The falls are named after the veil-like look of the water as it falls, giving a feeling of natural sophistication and romance.

Virginia Falls

Virginia Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Virginia Falls is unique among natural wonders for its impressive size and central role in the captivating story of the Nahanni River. These magnificent and powerful falls drop from a height of 96 meters, creating a breathtaking sight.

The UNESCO World Heritage Site offers unmatched landscapes, and Virginia Falls is proof of the park’s pure magnificence. Adventurers who visit Nahanni National Park become absorbed in an unspoiled world where the falls symbolize the raw beauty of Canada’s northern wilderness.

Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls
Wikimedia Commons

Roaring sounds surround Montmorency Falls, an impressive waterfall near Quebec City. Water drops dramatically, cutting through rough cliffs and creating a stunning sight. With its height of 83 meters, the falls are a source of strength and charm. As the water falls, a misty cloud forms, giving a magical feel to the beautiful scenery.

Located in Montmorency Falls Park, the falls present an ideal mix of nature’s beauty and easy access. During winter, the falls turn into an icy wonderland when the water freezes, creating a captivating scene.

Horseshoe Falls

Filled with history, Horseshoe Falls has been around for ages, showing off its never-ending cascade. Its powerful flow has constantly shaped the landscape, leaving a majestic mark on Niagara Falls.

Standing 53 meters tall and over 670 meters wide, Horseshoe Falls shows nature’s incredible power. The falling waters make a loud sound while a constant mist covers the area. The falls are more than just a waterfall; they show the geological changes forming the Niagara region over thousands of years.

Known for its unique horseshoe shape at the top, the falls bring in millions of people every year. The strong water flow is a natural line between Canada and the United States, showing how amazing things can be shared between countries. Visitors can see the breathtaking falls from different places, like boat trips that take people close to the bottom.

Kinuseo Falls

Situated in the wild, Kinuseo Falls attracts adventurers with its peaceful waterfall. Diving gracefully, it reaches an impressive 197 feet, forming a breathtaking sight within Monkman Provincial Park in British Columbia. The falls along the Murray River present a calming charm that blends with the surrounding greenery.

Kinuseo Falls, apart from its picturesque appeal, has a unique geological feature that makes it stand out. The falls flow over an impressive limestone formation, producing an eye-catching visual contrast with the rough terrain. The layered rock formations surrounding the falls enhance the natural charm by providing a scenic backdrop for the rushing water.

Ribbon Falls

Located in the wild, Kinuseo Falls attracts adventurers with its peaceful waterfall. At an impressive 197 feet tall, the falls create a breathtaking scene in Monkman Provincial Park, British Columbia. This tranquil and quiet spot blends well with the surrounding greenery along the Murray River.

Ribbon Falls gently flows down the rough land, adding beauty to the scenery. The water effortlessly falls from a height of 491 meters, making it a captivating sight in Kootenay National Park, British Columbia. Tall cliffs surround the falls and offer a calm yet assertive view as they flow through the untouched wilderness.

Ribbon Falls in Kootenay National Park represents the area’s diverse ecosystems. The nearby landscape is made up of alpine meadows, thick forests, and rough mountain terrain.

Alexandra Falls

Gracefully flowing, Alexandra Falls is located in Twin Falls Gorge Territorial Park in the Northwest Territories. At 32 meters high, the falls create a stunning cascade as the Hay River moves through the ancient limestone landscape. The water flows calmly, making a peaceful scene against the rough cliffs surrounding the falls.

In the pure wilderness, Alexandra Falls is more than visually stunning. The falls are part of Twin Falls Gorge’s geological story, showing how the region has evolved. When visiting the park, guests can see the soothing Alexandra Falls and discover nearby natural wonders.

Hiking trails bring people to viewpoints with expansive views of the falls and the rugged gorge. This allows for a fully immersive experience in the Northwest Territories.

McVeigh Falls

Have you ever admired the peaceful beauty of McVeigh Falls, hidden in remote areas of the Canadian wilderness? Located within untouched landscapes, McVeigh Falls gently flows down the terrain. The 31-meter-high falls create a calming scene as the waters wind through the pristine environment. Surrounded by lush forest greenery, McVeigh Falls provides a peaceful escape for those looking to connect with pure nature.

In addition to its subtle elegance, McVeigh Falls is also a sanctuary for biodiversity. The falls are part of an ecologically diverse area, offering homes to various plants and animals. Hiking paths surround the wilderness, letting visitors discover natural wonders that coexist with McVeigh Falls.

Laughing Falls

Located in Yoho National Park, Laughing Falls draws visitors with its lively flow. The 30-meter tall waterfall radiates happiness as water tumbles down rocky edges, creating a spirited and charming scene. The peaceful laughter-like sound of Laughing

More than just its appealing name, Laughing Falls captivates those who come near with its special allure. Accessible through picturesque hiking trails, nature lovers can explore Yoho National Park’s variety of ecosystems.

Laughing Falls serves as a place where the water’s laughter blends with the joy of visitors admiring the surrounding natural wonders. The cheerful and inviting falls symbolize the perfect balance between human appreciation and the untouched splendor of the Canadian wilderness.

Wapta Falls

With its vast charm, Wapta Falls flows gracefully through the picturesque landscape. The falls, 30 meters tall, display nature’s stunning creativity as the Kicking Horse River flows over the rocky edge.

Wapta Falls stretches wide, reaching over 150 meters, creating a breathtaking scene that draws everyone who comes to see it. The falls can be reached by a scenic hiking trail, taking visitors through Yoho National Park’s lush landscapes.

Crescent Falls

Crescent Falls’ peaceful environment gives way to the stunning waterfall as it drops breathtakingly. Located in Alberta’s Bighorn Backcountry, the falls display incredible beauty as they cascade from a 27-meter height, showing nature’s pure strength.

The Bighorn River’s waters tumble over rough cliffs and create intricate patterns when they reach the rocky ground below. With its beautiful setting and calm atmosphere, Crescent Falls has become a prized getaway for those looking for peace in the Canadian Rockies.

Tangle Falls

Tangle Falls creates wonder with its stunning presence in the landscape. Located on the Icefields Parkway in Jasper National Park, the 35-meter-high waterfall amazes visitors with its dramatic drop. The clear waters flow beautifully down the complex rock formations, creating tangled patterns cascading over the rough terrain.

Drivers on the Icefields Parkway can quickly stop to enjoy the falls, making it an attractive and convenient roadside stop. The waterfall invites further exploration of Jasper National Park and appreciation of the diverse ecosystems in the area.

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